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These Food Themed Weddings Will Satisfy Your Tastebuds

If you are a fellow foodie or food enthusiast, these food themed weddings will blow your mind. Your wedding can be a fun outlet to display your amazing taste in food. So pick a food and get ready to be inspired by these tasty food themed weddings.

Burger King Theme

Who doesn’t love a little fast food every once in a while? A Burger King themed wedding is a fun way to incorporate one of America’s biggest fast food chains on your big day. Have BK cater your wedding with their delicious, hearty burgers and get a load of those Burger King crowns to add a fun touch to all of your wedding photos. If you are a Burger King super fan, you could even try renting the mascot to mingle with your guests during the reception. This is a fun way to go about catering and a theme that you can either include in your ceremony or in your reception.





Waffle Theme

It is never to early or late in the day to enjoy some good waffles. By adding a waffle bar to your wedding or having a waffle truck come, your guests will be sure to be happy with this waffle theme. Waffles are great because you can make them savory by adding some chicken or make them sweet by adding some chocolate and strawberries. This delicious theme is a home run for everyone because it can be easily altered for everyone with dietary restrictions. Go crazy with this delicious theme that will make you and your guests very happy.


Pizza Theme

Everyone has a special piece of their heart set aside for their love for pizza. This dish is delicious and can be served in all sorts of ways. For your wedding favors you can give your guests personalized pizza cutters that they can use during the reception to cut their pizza with. Perfect for vegans, vegetarians, and other dietary restrictions, a pizza bar will be a hit for the guests who have that late night craving. Have pizza wedding cake, a pizza bar, and a pizza themed wedding to make for a fun day, just be careful that you don’t spill tomato sauce on your dress.




Donut Theme

Donuts are one of America’s most popular foods. They can act as a breakfast, dessert, even a snack as a treat every once in a while, donuts are well loved foods that are extremely tasty and delicious. Having a donut themed wedding would include having things like a donut cake, a donut truck for you and your guests, and maybe even shoes that have a delicious donut design on them. You could feature a “make your own donut” bar where guest could choose from a multitude of toppings and icing to replicate their favorite donut. You do not have to be married to a police officer for this theme, you just have to be a donut lover.


Coffee Theme

If you enjoy a good cup of joe for breakfast every morning and consider it your joy in life, besides your fiancé, then a coffee themed wedding should be on your list of food themed weddings to consider. Even if someone doesn’t like the taste of coffee, everyone enjoys the smell of it. Incorporate coffee by giving coffee beans as favors, having café colors, and having a coffee themed cake sprinkled with fresh coffee beans. Incorporate this little bit of heaven in your wedding to ensure your guests are happy and will not fall asleep during the ceremony.


Candy Theme

A wedding that Willy Wonka would be proud of, a candy themed wedding will satisfy your sweet tooth. Going above and beyond a candy bar at the reception, this theme can be included in your wedding photographs and in your colors. Choosing colors that are bright and fun and mixing patterns will create a retro candy store feel. This theme is sure to take you and your guests back to your childhood with your love of candy. Your guests will be on a sugar rush as they dance the night away on the dance floor and have fun at your candy themed wedding.



Food is such a wonderful thing in life, so why limit it to the reception dinner? By being original and have a food themed wedding, you will have a wedding that will be remembered forever and ensure that no one leaves hungry. You can go so many different routes when thinking of what kind of food you want to incorporate, you can incorporate your favorite food, your favorite type of food, and even one of the ones listed above. Have fun with this idea and run with it!

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