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These Prom Dresses Can Pass For Wedding Gowns!

Prom dresses these days are immaculate in detail and quality, so what makes it much different from a wedding gown? They are made of basically the same material and are both meant for key moments of a girl’s life. Both dresses hold meaning and both rise to the occasion. Here are some amazing dresses that are meant for proms but could totally double as a wedding gown!

Lace and Tulle

If i didn’t know any better, I would think that this is  a girl going wedding dress shopping. This prom dress is drop-dead gorgeous that guarantees draws dropping wherever you go. It incorporates beautiful elements like bright white lace on a beige tulle skirt. Say yes to this dress to wear on your wedding day.

Illusion Prom Dress

Not only will you illusion your guests with this prom dress, but you will also look absolutely stunning gracing the aisle with your presence. This dress has some sexy elements, including the illusion neckline and the high slit. This dress is a fraction of the price compared to an average wedding gown, so take a chance on this gown and save that extra money for a rainy day fund.

Grecian Goddess

This is the dress for you if you are planning on a beach wedding! This gorgeous gown flatters any  figure and has gorgeous off the shoulder accents. Complimenting this prom dress, or wedding gown, with beachy waves and light jewelry will make your guests believe that you purchased this dress from a wedding boutique.

Old Fashioned Corset

This prom dress that looks like it came straight out of Pride & Prejudice is a classic choice for a wedding gown. Glide down the aisle in a dress that Jane Austin and Elizabeth Swan would be jealous of in a dress fit for a romantic novel. This dress is sure to impress your guests without them ever knowing it was a prom dress.

Two-Piece Perfection

If you are looking for a trendier prom dress/wedding gown option, a two-piece dress is the best choice. A wedding dress that took the fashion world by storm this year is the two-piece gown. This prom dress shows little clues of being a prom dress because of how well made and simple it is. Be on top of all of the trends by choosing this gown for your wedding day.

High-Low Level

Another huge trend this year, the high-low dress, is a great alternative that can spice up the dress you wear on your wedding day. This prom dress includes intricate bead work that will wow your friends and family. Its dramatic flair will add some style to your walk down the aisle. Pick out a cute pair of shoes and show them off with this amazing prom dress!

Buying a prom dress instead of an official wedding gown is easier on the wallet and wedding budget. When it comes down to it, a wedding gown is simply the dress you feel beautiful in and choose to wear on the day you marry the love of your life and a prom dress is a dress you wear to your prom with your crush as your date. The dress does not mean as much as the event itself. Choosing a prom dress in place of a wedding gown can be a bit tricky when searching for the right one, but will make it up to you in the long run.

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