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18 Must-Have Items All Moms Should Carry In Their Diaper Bags

A well-packed diaper bag can make outings so much easier.  A little preparation can also save you some headaches from having to go back home to get something that you forgot.  I’m going to go over some basics that moms should always have in their diaper bags.


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You certainly don’t want to get far from home when you realize that you are out of diapers.  For this reason, you should always keep some diapers in your diaper bag.  You are supposed to have one diaper for every two hours that you are out, but it is a good idea to have a few extra just in case.


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Wipes can easily be stored in a sandwich bag to keep them moist.  Wipes can be used to wipe your baby’s bottom, your hands, your baby’s hands, and even the changing pad.  For this reason, make sure to keep plenty of wipes in your diaper bag.

Small Empty Bags

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Empty bags can be handy to have around for those times when you need to throw soiled diapers away.  Throw them away in a nearby garbage can if possible.  If no garbage is available, then take the bags home with you.

Baby Cream/Ointment

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It is always good to keep some cream on hand.  Try getting it in travel-sized tubes, so that it doesn’t take up too much space.  Make sure that the lids are on tight so that the contents don’t squeeze out of the tubes.  In hot weather, creams and ointments may soften and get runny.  You may want to keep them in a ziplock sandwich bag just in case a lid comes off.

Hand Sanitizer

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Even if you brought wipes, it is always good to have some hand sanitizer as well.  Make sure to wash your hands and your baby’s hands when you are finished changing your baby’s diaper.

Food for Your Baby

diaper bagWhether it is baby food, a bottle, or some snacks, you should always take some with you in case your baby gets hungry.  If your child is a toddler, then take some water as well.

Clothes for Your Baby

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Pack a few of your baby’s clothes just in case your child soils the clothing that he or she is wearing.  Don’t forget to pack some socks as well.

Burp Cloths

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A burp cloth will not take up much room and can be used for burping your baby and cleaning up messes. If you have extra room in the bag, you may want to pack more than one.  You can also pack washcloths for that same purpose.


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If your baby uses pacifiers, then it is a good idea to pack a few.  If your baby starts to get fussy and cries, you can easily give one to your child.  Keep pacifiers inside your diaper bag in pockets so that you don’t have to unpack the whole diaper bag to find them.

Light Blanket

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No matter what time of year it is, keep a blanket in your diaper bag at all times.  If an unexpected storm shows up or it gets just slightly cold, you can quickly wrap up your baby to keep him or her warm.


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Babies love toys, and so do parents because toys keep their baby entertained while they change the baby’s diaper.  For this reason, keep plenty in your diaper bag.  Rattles, teethers, or any small toys can work well in a diaper bag.  Remember not to take toys that are too big, since you will need all the room you can get for storing diaper supplies.


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If your child is a toddler, there is a chance that there will be some small injuries going on.  For that reason, keep some band-aids available for those minor injuries.

Nursing Cover

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If you breastfeed your baby, then it is a good idea to keep a nursing cover with you for when you leave the house.  That way, if your baby gets hungry, you can easily feed your baby in public without exposing yourself.


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If it is a sunny day, then you may want to take some sunscreen with you.  This is to protect you and your baby from the sun.  Otherwise, you can use a hat to block the sun.

Nail Clippers

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Take nail clippers just in case your baby lets you trim his or her toenails.  It is better to have them on hand instead of wishing that you had brought them.  I always liked trimming my baby’s nails when she would sleep.  If you have the nail clippers with you in your diaper bag, you will have lots of options of when and where to trim your baby’s nails.

Sling or Wrap

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Take a baby sling or wrap with you just in case you decide that you want to carry your baby hands-free.  Some slings and wraps come with their own carry bags.  That makes it nice because you can simply throw the sling or wrap with bag into your diaper bag without it getting tangled on things.

Changing Pad

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Some diaper bags may come with a changing pad, but if not, make sure to get one.  If the changing table in the public restroom looks dirty, this is a good time to use a changing pad.  Also if you don’t have access to a public restroom, it is a good idea to have a changing pad just in case you have to change your baby’s diaper on a hard surface.

A Shirt for Yourself

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Save yourself from the embarrassment of noticing baby spit up on your shirt by throwing in an extra shirt for yourself in the diaper bag.  As the weather changes, also change the shirt in your bag.  Try to pack a shirt that isn’t too bulky, such as a sweatshirt.  Although it will keep you warm, it will also take up more room in your diaper bag.

Final Thoughts

I’ve gone over some items that are essential for diaper bags.  You should be able to think of some other items that are individual to you and your baby.  Make sure to check and restock your diaper bag from time to time in case supplies are running low.

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