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Three Gorgeous DIY Wedding Nails for the Broke Bride

Do you love nail art and do not want to spend a fortune on your wedding day for a manicure? Then there are so many cool ways to do your own nails and get the same, gorgeous nails that other brides spend a fortune on! So why not do it yourself?

Follow along for a tutorial on three different wedding nail styles that may be exactly what you are looking for! As always, we encourage you to put your own artsy twist on things and give them the creative accent that you want especially for you!


1. Simple French Manicure

If you are a simple bride going for a simple and classy look, then french manicure nails may be just what you need to do!

What you will need:

If you are confident in doing nails and are good with doing it freehand, then do the white tips as shown below.

If you are not as confident in your nail painting skills, you can use a sticker tip guide to help give your french tip a better shape. If you do not have sticker tip guides, you can use a bandaid or an office supply hole reinforcement label!

It does not matter if you did it freehand or with the sticker tip, use a synthetic brush and nail polish remover to perfect the edges.

And voila! You have beautiful, french nails!

2. Baby Pink Nails & Glitter Accent

If you do not want over the top nails, but still want to flaunt your girl side and add a little glitter, than this pink nails with a glitter accent is the perfect choice for you!

What you will need:

This elegant look is very easy to achieve! Just paint on the pink nail polish (a lighter pink is best, neon should be ignored) on all of the nails EXCEPT for the ring finger.

Then carefully apply a layer of silver, glittery nail polish onto the ring finger.

For a bride who does not want the classy french tips but still wants a little glam, these nails are perfect!

3. French Tips & White Lace

These lacy nails are exactly what a bride who wants to make a subtle statement needs. Combined with the french tips and lace accent, they are perfect for any traditional, lacy bride wanting to add a creative twist to her wedding day outfit and decor.

What you will need:

You will first want to give your nails a french tip, just like you would for the first set of nails.

After the french tips, put a small strip of white stamping polish on the lace stamping plate.

Scrape the stamping polish along the shape of the design.

This will give you exactly the stamp you need!

Take your stamper and stamp the lace design onto it.

Take the stamped design and stamp it onto your french tip nails .

Clean off the excess lace fingernail polish from around the nail and you have gorgeous, outstanding nails!

Want to view the video for yourself? Watch for a more in depth tutorial below.


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