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Can You Balance Motherhood and Ambition: Our Secrets To Success

If you have recently become a mom or maybe you are the mom of a toddler, you may be longing for the you of before kids.  Please read on because the you that has ambition and drive to do things in life, can compliment your role as a mother.  In fact, your kids will benefit greatly by seeing their mother achieve her goals. How though can you do this while also meeting the demands of being a mom? That's why I wrote this article.  Let's look at this together in more detail.

Be A Role Model

Being a role model to your kids can be easier than you think. Do what you love and share that enthusiasm with your kids. Don't just tell them why you love to paint or compete at sports, show them!  Give your children the chance to cheer on their mom.  And believe me they will when they see that you have a drive to accomplish a goal or spend time doing what you love.


Teach Your Kids

Involve and teach your kids about your passions and talk about your ambition.  Do you like to downhill ski?  Take them along and let them take videos of you making a run down the moguls.  Show them the skill that you have.  I always liked to unicycle so the first thing I did when my daughter was of age to ride a bike, was to also teach her how to ride a unicycle.  A bonus for me was that I gave her my unicycle because it fit her perfectly, and I bought a bigger wheeled unicycle for me.  We have so much fun riding our unicycles around town.


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Resist the Urge to Compare Yourself To Other Moms

It's easy to believe that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.  And the truth is it may very well be greener.  But the color of the grass is only a small picture of what is going on in your mom friends' lives.  What may look like a friend achieving her dreams, may not show that it comes with a lot of sacrifice.  

That mom who went back to school to be a nurse, may not be getting to tuck her kids in to bed each night the way that you get to do.  She may be at night school and then not see her kids before they are off to school because she's sleeping.  You may only see her on Facebook with a big grin and a diploma in hand, but not all of the sacrifices and things that she missed along the way. Resist comparing.  Walk your own road in life. Encourage your mom friends, but don't compare yourself to them.


Final Thoughts

With all this being said about going after your goals and ambitions, never forget that the role that you have as a mom is a role that many people will never get to experience.  It's also in my opinion one of the most important roles that a human being can hold.  You are truly shaping the future of the world, when you take the time with your children.  So never underestimate how important you are as a mom to your children and to society.  Go after your ambitions and be the best mom you can be while doing it.  The two really do go hand in hand perfectly.

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