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7 Tips for Crafting With Kids – What To Prepare For

Kids and crafts just go together because children are by nature creative beings.  Arts and crafts allow kids to express themselves in another way that doesn’t require words.  As a parent, this means that you should prepare for lots of opportunities for your budding artists to create works of art.  I’m going to go over some tips for crafting with kids that I hope will help you to make crafts a routine part of life with your children.

Do Crafts in a Place You Don’t Mind Getting Messy


Your kid’s crafts can easily turn into a messy situation – it’s just a fact.  So instead of limiting how many crafts your children can do, try instead to have them do it in a place that you don’t mind getting messy.  Outside is a great place to do crafts.  Not only does it keep your house clean, but it also allows your children to get fresh air and some sun.

Put Plastic On Your Table


If your kids are making crafts indoors, then you will want to prepare for your house to get messy.  One way to arm your house is to put plastic on your table.  That way, no matter what falls onto the table, it will stay clean.

Have Your Kids Do Crafts That Aren’t Messy


There are a lot of fun crafts to make that don’t require getting the house all messy.  For some crafts, you may be able to simply change the items that are needed to make the craft.  For example, instead of using paint, try using colored pencils or crayons.  Here are some other ideas for having mess free crafts.

Squish Painting

Although squish painting requires paint, which overall can be a messy item, this craft does not allow any paint to escape onto your table.  What you do is fill a plastic bag with baby oil and water-soluble paint.  Try adding a few different colors.  You can also add glitter to the bag for extra fun!  Once you are done filling the bag, seal the bag shut.  For added protection from it leaking, you may want to tape the sealed edges.  Allow your children to squish the paint around using their fingers.

Coloring Books

Coloring books are fun to color and only require the book and crayons.  If you want to save your child’s art, you can rip the colored paper out and frame it.  If you don’t mind a little mess, have your child glue some glitter onto the colored paper.  For a mess-free craft, however, you will want to stick with crayons.

Cardboard Box Crafts

There are many cardboard box crafts out there that are mess-free, as well as easy to make.  Not only does it save you from the mess, but it also helps reuse boxes.  For some crafts, you may want to have your kids use their imaginations.  For example, perhaps they can make a castle by simply cutting a box to the right shape and size.  Remember that if you want to keep this craft mess free, you should not give your kids items such as paint or glitter.

Dress Your Kids in Clothes That Can Get Messy


It can be hard work trying to scrub the paint stains out of your child’s best shirt.  To prevent your child’s clothing from getting all messy, dress your child in something that you don’t mind getting dirty.  Also make sure to roll up their sleeves.  Before you start the crafts, you may want to tell your children to be careful not to get their clothes messy, and how to carefully wipe any paint that should spill on them.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Nearby


Just in case a drop of paint spills on your table, keep some cleaning supplies nearby.  Make sure to have the cleaning supplies ready beforehand, since you will want to clean up the mess quickly.

Don’t Do Crafts That are Frustrating


Making crafts should be an enjoyable time, not a time of tears and frustration.  Make sure that the crafts are meant for your child’s age.  While your kids are crafting, you will want to be around in case your child needs some assistance.  Remember that a difficult craft not only frustrates your child, but it may also frustrate you.

Keep It Fun!


Although it can be frustrating when the room gets messy, remember that craft time is supposed to be fun.  Even though you may have to work a little to get the room back in shape, also remember that you gained a craft that can be displayed somewhere.  These crafts may become a treasured item in the future, so don’t become too stressed.  Remember that your kids were able to have an enjoyable experience with crafts, and they can proudly store them somewhere special.

Final Thoughts

I’ve gone through some tips for crafting with your kids.  The biggest thing to remember is to have fun and that the only restrictions are the ones you feel are necessary.  Each parent will have their own comfort zone as far as what is too messy and what is no big deal.  If you don’t want a mess in your house, then try to go outside when the weather permits.  Have fun and don’t forget to display some of the treasures that your kids make.  Their works of art will most likely become even more special to you as your children grow up. Happy crafting!


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