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Easy Tips To Help You Dress Your Newborn Little Man

Who says dressing boys is boring?

Are you having a little boy? Some moms might be worried that boys are not as much fun to dress as baby girls, but, as you can see below, that isn’t the case. There are some adorable outfits out there for baby boys. From personal experience, I’ve only had a little girl, but I’ve had friends with baby boys.  They would dress them in the cutest and cuddliest outfits.  I’ve researched and put together some tips here for dressing your little guy.

First off,

When dressing little boys, the “mini-man” approach works well.   When you can find tiny sized men’s clothing, you hit the jackpot regarding cuteness.   On the flip side of the mini man approach, don’t forget that boys look just as cute as girls in Mickey Mouse and Sesame Street clothes.  You really can’t go wrong with either end of that spectrum.

Some Basics

First, before we get into fashion, here are some basic tips in general for dressing your newborn baby boy.  Go for easy to put on and take off clothing.  Snaps and zippers all the way down the front for a one piece is an excellent choice.  For pants, snaps down both legs will make those frequent diaper changes a breeze.  Look for stretchy, soft, and comfy fabrics.  You are going to want dressing time to be a fun bonding time with your boy, not a stressful experience for you both.

Shop for loose fitting sleeves.  It’s easier to get your hands up loose fitting shirts to gently grab their hands when putting on shirts.

Layers are always an excellent choice, especially in the cooler months.  It’s much easier to put on or take off a vest or sweater than to redo the whole outfit when the sun comes out.

Collared Shirts

While your little man may not be ready for the workplace just yet,  dressing him in a collared shirt is a real winner.  Plaids are especially adorable in pint sized collared shirts.  Look for fun and bright colors.  Boys don’t just have to wear neutral colors.  Look for some bright and contrasting colors to liven up your son’s wardrobe.



Your little boy is not going to be walking those first few months, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t outfit him in cute shoes.  For boys, leathers or faux leathers look adorable.  You’ll first want to dress him for comfort and warmth during those colder months.  Make sure the shoes aren’t tight or have any scratchy places that will rub against his tender skin.



Boys look adorable in Aviator Hats.  There are many boy’s hats to choose from on the market.  You can find aviator hats made from leather with sheep skin inside, to simple knit or crocheted hats.  If you are feeling ambitious and like working with yarn, there are a lot of patterns out there in the baby boy hat category.



You aren’t going to have too much time to dress your boy in a gown and still have his approval.  But those first few months, boys not only look too cute in gowns, but they are easy outfits for those diaper changes that seem to happen hourly.  Gowns are not only practical, but they are also comfy for your baby.


Work Clothes

There aren’t too many things in this world more precious than seeing newborn boys wearing men’s work clothes, of course in miniature size.  Overalls, with padded elbow patches, and accessories, to match will get lots of oohs, awes.


In summary, be creative dressing your little boy. Think bow ties, plaids, polar fleece, and denim. This is the time in your son’s life where he will be just as happy if mom dressed him in a potato sack as opposed to a 3 piece suit.  Enjoy this fleeting time in your son’s life and don’t forget to take lots of photos.


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