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6 Tips for Growing Your Hair Long Before the Big Day

For many brides, all they want is long hair for their wedding day. I am sure that all of the long haired beauties out there have a confused look on their face and are saying, “Long? I hate long hair! Why would you want it?”. While all of the struggling, short haired women are saying, “Okay God, please give me long hair for my wedding day that is all that I am asking! I mean, and nice weather because the wedding is outdoors. And that my vendors show up on time. But that is it.”

Well, here is some bad news. There is no shampoo, lotion, or ways, scientifically or realistically, to make your hair grow by like a foot in a few weeks for your special day.

The good news is that there are a few tips on how to help your hair maybe grow longer a little faster. If you have a few months until the wedding day, why not give some of these ideas a shot?


1. Avoid using flat irons, hair dryers, and other heat related products.

While flat irons and hair dryers are nice for the humid days when it comes to the appearance of hair, they can actually make your hair more frizzy, realistically. Frying your hair is no way to take care of it in a healthy manner! So let your hair air dry whenever possible, but do not sleep with damp hair. Damp hair can also stunt hair growth because they are more likely to become damaged. So while it may be difficult to work around with your schedule, air drying is the best way to go.



2. Eat healthy and stay hydrated.

Hate to say it, but the greasier and more unhealthy foods you eat, the more unhealthy your hair will be. If you want your hair to grow faster and be as healthy as possible, you need to make sure your eating habits line up with what you wish for. So switch to eating lots of fruits and vegetables, and leave behind the soda and coffee for water.


3. Do NOT trim your hair every single month.

Yes, I know. Every other girl and their mom has told you that trimming your hair more often, at least once a month, is good for growing your hair longer and faster. While in reality, this is not good for you hair. But neither is letting your hair grow and grow without trimming it ever. So trimming your hair every three to four months is a happy medium.


4. Shampoo less often!

Even starting as small as skipping one day, shampooing less will help your hair grow quicker. If your hair is incredibly oily even after just skipping one day for a few weeks, rinse your hair on the skip days and condition from mid-head down, avoiding the scalp. You might be surprised at what skipping a few shampoos will do for the length of your hair!



5. Be careful when you sleep.

If you want to help damaged hair, sleep with a silk pillowcase instead of a cotton one. Another way to work with getting healthier hair, which will lead to quickened hair growth, is not putting your hair up at night. Leaving it down and free is the best way to go. If you have to have it held back, then let it in a loose, loose ponytail or braid.


6. Research and use DIY rinses and healthy shampoos for hair growth.

There are plenty of cool DIY hair recipes out there to keep your hair happy and healthy. Whether it be using apple cider vinegar or grape seed oil from your kitchen, there are tons of natural ingredients that are excellent for helping your hair. Click here to check out more DIY healthy hair tips.

And here are our very own DIY tips to help you!

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