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To The Mom Who Can’t Do Her Daughter’s Hair

You are not struggling alone.

As a mom, you may have seen those intricate photos with directions of how to braid your daughter’s hair into fancy creations.  There’s the Dutch braid, french braid, ponytail braid and the list goes on. Maybe you thought you would be able to follow a YouTube video, only to find yourself rewinding so often that it stops being worth it. If you are a mom who wishes she could make her daughter’s hair look like Elsa’s every day, but fails, you are not alone. Here are some tips for those moms who don’t come by the skill of braiding naturally.

The Ponytail


The ponytail is such a cute and versatile look. In our house both my daughter and I go for this look on most days. One helpful tip is to encourage your daughter to brush her own hair.  Of course there will be many times you’ll be doing the brushing too especially for those very young ladies, but the more that you can get your daughter to want to brush her own hair, then half the battle is won.  For the pony tail, you can go with the simple hair rubber band look, or try some colorful scrunchies to match her outfit.  In our house we love crocheting our own scrunchies.  There are also directions online for sewing your own scrunchies out of fleece or scrap material.  You can also take a trip down your local supermarket hair aisle and picks out some together. My daughter loves picking out which one to wear that go with what she’s dressed in that day. Letting her take charge of her own style is empowering for her and makes her feel special.

The Bun


Moms with long hair you’ve probably utilized this look yourself many times. If you are like me, you know how quick and straightforward it is to take messy hair and throw it in a bun as you see that UPS truck pulling in your driveway or an unexpected visitor showing up at your door. This same style can look great on your daughter too. It’s simple, easy and cute.

The Headband


Another popular choice in our house is the headband.  Once your daughter’s hair is combed or brushed out, simply put that headband over her head and ta-daa you are all ready for the day.  There are so many colorful choices and patterns out there to choose from in your local supermarket hair aisle that you will never run out of options.  We’ve also bought them at craft shows, made our own, and have worn our favorite brand, The Bolder Band.

There are many ways for wearing the headband. You can go for the look where your band starts at the hair line right at your forehead or push the band back, so it’s not quite as noticeable.  Again, like the scrunchie, you can change your look by putting a different pattern or color on.  I especially like the headband for windy days when my daughter and I are outside a lot. I like how it keeps her hair and mine in place and out of our eyes in all kinds of weather.

The Hat


This may seem like a joke, but the hat is your best friend and choice for busy or bad hair days.  In the winter, my daughter in I practically live in some alpaca hats we made from our herd. We’ve been wearing the same hats for years because they are so comfy, warm, and they look cute.  For summer, there are many cute baseball type hats for little girls.  I like that my daughter can choose to wear a ponytail and pull the hair out through the little back section or wear her hair down with a baseball hat.

Another type of summer hat is the sun hat.  This hat much like the baseball hat also covers those sensitive faces on sunny days protecting little noses from sun burn.  Enjoy time with your daughter trying on hats at your store. It’s fun to put them on and look in the mirror and laugh or admire how great that perfect hat looks on you. Have fun with picking out hat styles. You may even want a matching pair if you have multiple daughters and a matching one for mom too.

On days when you aren’t in the mood for a ponytail, bun hat or headband don’t be afraid to give braids a try.  There really are some simple braid styles to choose from. Click here for a short and simple instructional video on basic 3 strand braiding.  Experimenting with different hair styles can be a fun time for you and your daughter. Make the time for it so you don’t feel rushed. Go for it and laugh and scrap ideas you didn’t like and try new styles.  Remember to have fun along the way.

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