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5 Tips for Determining The Seating Chart At Your Wedding

Get your seating chart in order.

As your big day approaches, one of the last things you will need to plan for is where everyone will sit at your reception. And, unfortunately, this tends to be one of the more tedious wedding planning tasks. But, even though you might be going crazy waiting for those RSVP’s, there is still plenty you can do before you get them all back. We have the tips that you need below.

Where Will You Sit

The most traditional seating is to place  the newlyweds and the bridal party at a large rectangular table at the front of the reception venue. Some like to elevate the party if possible so that all can watch and see you.  Others like to have the bridal party sit in the middle of the hall at a circular table.  This is a personal choice, so do it how you want.  You are the only ones who get to decide for yourselves where to sit on your wedding day, so enjoy and choose your seats wisely.

Plan a Seating Chart

You can start planning a seating chart with materials you may have at home.  Pieces of paper can represent tables while little sticky notes can represent people. Lay it all out on the floor or a large table and start planning. You’ll want to do your best to put people that you think would get along well at the same tables.  Have fun with this. Ideally you and your fiance’ should work on this together since he will know some of the people better than you do and vice versa.  You’ll need to decide if you want to assign exact seats or just who will be at each table.  Some like to assign just the tables and then let guests decide who sits where at each table.  It really is up to you how you want to do it. Just do your best and don’t stress over this.

Escort Cards

You will want to have escort cards or a chart (see below) made up so that when your guests arrive, they can pick up their cards as they come, so they know where their assigned seats are.  On the tables, you will also want to have the names of who sits where. Again, a variation is to decide if you want exact seats assigned or just names of who is assigned to each table.

Seating Chart

If you want to simplify the paperwork, you can scrap the escort card idea and just have a big seating chart that guests can easily see as they enter the venue.  On the chart, you will want to have a map of the tables with numbers on each table with a list of names of who is assigned to each table.


Keep in mind that not everyone is thin and some will need more room maneuvering into their seats.  Keep enough space for elderly or disabled guests to have extra room for walkers and to be able to have assistance from others as they take their seats.  You’ll want at least 3 feet in between tables, preferably more if you have the room.

So these are the basics of table placements that I covered along with some tips for making this task go smoothly.  Remember that your guests will not be sitting the whole time. There will be time for them to walk around and visit and dance if you are having dancing.

Remember this big day is about you and your groom starting a new life together.  Will there be disagreements at the tables?  Most certainly. Will you take the blame upon yourself? I hope not.  This is your day and your guests are there to celebrate with you.  That’s what it’s all about, not about whom sits by whom.  If the task of table placement seems too stressful, why not scrap the whole idea and let guests just sit where they want. It’s your day, so you get to decide.



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