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7 Unexpected Ways To Use A Baby Monitor Every Day

When you hear the name “Baby Monitor” you probably think of a device used to monitor your baby.  And that would be correct.  But a baby monitor can be so much more than a device to simply monitor your  baby.  I’m going to go over tips and ideas for using a baby monitor in today’s article.

Hide And Seek

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If you have a baby monitor mounted in a room, one child can go hide while another carefully uses the monitor to find their sibling or friend.  The child with the parent unit can tilt, zoom, and pan the room trying to find the hiding child.  When the child with the parent unit finds the hiding child, he or she can announce it over the 2-way intercom.  He or she can say something like, “I see you behind the desk.”  Then the kids switch while the other goes and hides as they switch roles.

Caring For A Sick Child or Adult

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If a family member comes down with the flu, a baby monitor can take the place of the old ways when the sick person was given a bell to ring when they needed something.  A two-way monitor allows the sick person to communicate with the caretaker with ease.  This can work for adults and children alike.  Just think how many times it will save you running up and down stairs just to find out that the one under the weather wants a drink of water.  They can simply say “Mom, I’m thirsty,” and presto a couple of minutes later mom appears with a cool drink while taking just one trip up the stairs instead of two.

Pet Watching

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Have you ever left home wondering how your pets were behaving while you were gone?  Well, now you can have all that information at your fingertips.  Simply place your monitor where you can see the majority of your house or the hot spot areas where your pets are most likely to hang out.  Then spy on them.  You can even talk to them and listen in to see if they are barking or being quiet.  Many monitors also allow you to take, save, and share photos.  Now you will have the whole story to share of how the cats took down your Christmas tree while you were away.

House Surveillance

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Many people use baby monitors to monitor their home while they are away on vacation or just gone for the day.  Many monitors even have infrared lighting that lets you see what’s going on in the dark.  I recently bought my parents a baby monitor that they used while they were on vacation.  They used to worry about things like if the heat kicked on ok, while they were gone.  My dad hung a room thermometer in the living room and made sure it was in the view of the monitor so that he could check on the house temperature.  If he had noticed a sudden drop in temperature, a family member would have driven over to check on the house heating before pipes froze. While the heat did stay on, it gave my parents peace of mind to watch their house while on vacation.

Barn Cam

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Not all young ones are of the human form.  I just bought a baby monitor to be used to watch fur babies in my barn.  This will be especially helpful when an alpaca is due to give birth.  Instead of running out to the barn all hours of the day and night, I can simply look at the baby monitor parent unit and see if one is in labor or has given birth.  I can also use it for those middle of the night times when I hear a ruckus in the barn.  Instead of running full speed out barefoot at 3AM thinking it’s a mountain lion, I can simply look at the parent unit. I can see if it’s an owl or a simple fight breaking out among the herd.  A barn cam can also be used when I’m away from our home to keep an eye on my livestock.

Monitoring Children at Play

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A baby monitor can also be used for older children in addition to babies.  If your kids are playing in the yard or in a playroom while you are in the kitchen cooking dinner, you can still monitor them by watching your parent unit.  If kids are roughhousing or doing something dangerous, you can catch them in the act before something is broken, or someone gets hurt.  Some of us are probably glad our parents didn’t have this special spyware technology when we were growing up.

Communication Without Shouting

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Did you ever enter a household where everyone shouted at each other from other rooms?  I know I have, and I’m even guilty of yelling across the house while trying to communicate with a family member.  Gone are the days of shouting if you have a baby monitor that allows two way communication.  Simply pick up the parent unit and talk to the person on the other end in a normal inside voice.  It’s as simple as that.  Is someone on the telephone wanting to talk to someone in the house?  Just talk into the unit and say “You have a phone call, can you come and take the call?”  Baby monitors have revolutionized having screaming households.

Final Thoughts

A baby monitor can be used for oh, so many more ways than monitoring a baby.  From monitoring older children playing, to communicating with a family member without shouting from room to room, to house surveillance, a baby monitor can make life easier.  It can also provide peace of mind, like when you can see your pet sleeping safely in his bed at home while you are at the grocery store.  A monitor can make life simpler and give you valuable information about loved ones at your fingertips. I hope that this article helps give you some ideas of unique ways you can use a baby monitor in your life.

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