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8 Small ( and Big) Ways To Impress Your Boss This Week

Do you have a difficult boss? Or, do you have a new boss you are hoping to impress? Trying to impress your boss can be a challenging feat no matter what their personality is like. Today we are going to be discussing some small ways that you can start to impress and get noticed by your boss this week.

Work Extra


I know that this is definitely not what you wanted to hear when you opened this article,  but hear me out. There are many people out there who go to work every day, work their 8 hours, and then go home. Though that is good enough to get most of your work done and not get you fired, your boss might start to notice if you go a little above and beyond. Maybe that means getting to work an extra half an hour early so that you can work a little extra each day without it negatively affecting your family or night schedule. It may be a good idea to take some work home at night, and do it from the comfort of your bed with your pajamas on. You boss is definitely going to notice and be impressed that you have started going above and beyond in your job.

Take Notes


When your boss calls you into his or her office, make sure that you have something to write with. This is going to show initiative.  It will also help you be more effective at your job because you won’t be afraid you missed something. And it will make your time more efficient since you won’t have to go back to your boss to ask them to remind you of what they already asked you to do.

Speak Up


You are not going to be noticed by your boss if you constantly keep quiet at all the team meetings and strategy sessions. I am not saying to blurt out the first thought that pops into your head, but why not start giving input. This will help people on your team to respect you and your opinion, which will translate into your boss taking notice. Even if your idea isn’t the one ultimately picked, being part of the brainstorming process means you were apart of the solution.

Dress Well


Most companies and businesses I know have a dress code. But, we all know employees or have been that employee who likes to toe the dress code line. Don’t do that. Follow the adage to dress to impress. If you work in a casual environment, don’t wear jeans and t-shirt every day just because you can. Dress well and invest in clothing that makes you confident and look professional.

Stay Focused


I know how tempting it can be to hop on over to Facebook, Pinterest, or to online shop during your work hours. This can be especially true when the afternoon slump hits. However, try your best to stay as productive as possible. Everyone needs breaks during the day, so schedule them in so that you don’t find yourself wasting your time when you should be working. It is advised to take a 15-minute break every couple of hours to clear your head and help you get refocused. Taking a quick walk may be a better use of your time than surfing the web, and it will look better to your boss. Whatever you choose to do as a break, make sure that you get away from your computer, so then you can be refocused when you return.

Be Positive


It can be so hard to be around those people at your office who are always complaining. Even though you aren’t saying these negative things directly to your boss, it can be easy for word to get back to them. Try to get a reputation for being a positive person around the office. Your boss will be impressed that you aren’t bringing the rest of the office down.

Watch What You Say


Like I stated early, word travels fast in an office. Even though you might trust the people you are gossiping with, you never know who could overhear you or accidentally let something slip out. No one wants to be known as the gossiper around the office. This is not the way to go about impressing your boss. So when you are in the office, try not to talk about people or complain about your job. Find a trusted friend or loved one who you can call and complain to after work.

Break Major Projects Up


Especially if you are just starting a job, it can be hard to know what your boss expects from you. You may be given huge mounds of tasks that just seem insurmountable. Don’t panic. An easy way to impress your boss is to show them that you are making progress on these big goals. You can do this by making a list of the big goals, and then on a separate sheet of paper breaking them down into much more manageable chunks. Showing progress, even if it’s small, can help keep you accountable and your boss happy.

As you can see, there are many small and big ways that you can impress your boss every day. If all else fails, you may have to realize that there are some personalities that we aren’t going to be able to impress. Realize that you are doing a good job and working hard, even if you never get the credit you are craving. Good luck!


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