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Natural Born Leaders Make Sure They Do This Every Day

Leaders in the workplace who can guide employees while being positive and inspiring will set a tone that others should want to follow.  Whether you are a supervisor or a co-worker in a leadership role, you have the chance to help facilitate an environment where people will want to give their best.  I’m going to go over some tips here to improve your leadership skills at work.

Be Authentic

If you want people to follow you, I mean really follow your lead, don’t be fake.  People will eventually see through any false front that you put up.  Be professional but be yourself.

Know Your Stuff

A leader should be knowledgeable in their field.  That should be the main reason that you are a leader in the first place.  Keep up with advancements in your field.  That may mean attending classes, going to workshops, and subscribing to professional journals.  Technology is always changing and so are advancements in your field.  Keep up so that you can help and lead others.

Be Assertive But Be Kind Too

You can be an assertive leader and still be kind.  No one wants to be treated harshly or intimidated into doing their job.  If you need to reprimand someone, don’t do it with a stick, and don’t embarrass them in front of co-workers.  Pull them aside instead.  Always treat others the way that you’d like to be treated.

Be Honest

Honesty really is the best policy.  Don’t lie about anything.  Even a “little white lie” may put you in a position to tell another lie to get out of the first one.  This can lead to a domino effect of lies.  Before you know it, that first little lie has made you into someone that people can’t trust.  Don’t loose the respect of your office by lying.  Always tell the truth, and nothing but the truth.

Share Your Goals

By sharing your vision and goals you will be improving your leadership skills.  Ask people for feedback, and discuss with them what your goal is and how you think that goal will help.

Display Integrity

Don’t be afraid to have strong moral principals.  People will respect you as a leader more if they feel that you are someone that they should follow.  And most importantly, let your actions be consistent to the standards that you hold for others.

Communicate Clearly

Be clear and not vague when you speak.  Let your yes be yes and your no be no.  Don’t beat around the bush on topics.  Talk at a normal tempo, not too fast and enunciate clearly.  Never shut down when you are frustrated.  Leaders need to always be ready to lead and talk openly and clearly.

Lead By Example

If you want your workers to be on time, make sure to model that behavior by arriving to work on time.  To be a leader means to lead.  Do what you want others to follow along and do.  Of course that means watching your steps and not doing negative things also.  Don’t use harsh language or loose your temper if you expect your workers to not do those things.

Be Clear About Expectations and Job Duties

It will help to have everyone’s job duty clearly outlined on paper.  Don’t assume that people know something.  Instead write it down and post it for all to see. Be positive but be clear with all expectations and job duties.

Positive Reinforcement

People respond better to positive reinforcement better than negativity.  If you see a person doing something well, say something like, “I like the way that you wrote up that newsletter” or “Nice job on that spreadsheet.”  Look for ways to compliment people.  When you compliment someone in front of another person the positive effect has more than doubled.

Final Thoughts

I’ve gone over some tips to improve your leadership skills at work.  Be real, be kind, be clear and treat others the way that you want to be treated.  And remember that even though you are a leader, you can always improve upon your own performance.  Take constructive criticism when it’s given to you from your superiors.  Always strive to be the best person and leader that you can be.  People will see your dedication to a leadership role, and want to follow you.  And last of all, Smile!  No one likes a sour face.  Be a leader that people want to look at.

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