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7 Tips To Help Moms With Triplets Regain Their Sanity

If you are raising triplets or are about to become the mom of a three, I have some great tips here that will make life easier.  I hope that these tips can help to give time and sanity back into your days.

Spend Time With Each Child


When you have triplets, it’s good to take time out for each child and do something unique.  It’s a good idea to schedule in dates for each child so that it happens and doesn’t get pushed aside.  If you can arrange care for the other two children, you may want to go on a lunch date or trip to the playground.  Or if childcare if out of the question, try spending alone time with them each at home.  It’s not so much important what you do, just so that you do it together and make some memories.

Take Notes


Taking notes of who you just took care of can make life easier.  When you feed one child, write down which child you fed.  Write down whose diaper you changed last. You may want to write the time down so that you can see when they ate.  Little notes scribbled on dry erase board can help to free your brain up for more important things.

Have Each Child Help Out


If your triplets are old enough, you can have them start helping you out with chores.  Each child may have a separate job.  One child’s job could be to set the table, while the others help bring food out.   Or you could have your children work together on a chore.  They could all work on cleaning a room, and all help out with dinner.  Whatever you choose to delegate will lessen your work load.

Color Code Your Triplets


Although you will soon learn each child’s personality and looks, it may be challenging to keep track of them at first.  That is why color coding your children is a good idea.  You can color code your triplets by having them wear different colored clothes, headbands, or shoes.

Feed Them At The Same Time


Even though it is possible to feed your children at different times, feeding at the same time makes life easier.  Try to get their schedule the same.  When one wakes up to eat, wake the others up.  Also, try to have them take baths and naps at the same time.  Although there will be days when your triplets won’t be on the same schedule, the days that they are will be easier and less complicated.

Get Organized


If there was ever a time to be organized, it’s when you have triplets.  By having what you need, when and where you need it at all times will make life so much easier.  The old saying of “A place for everything and everything in its place” is a good motto to live by. Storage bins and shelves can make life a lot easier.  Try to find a place for toys, clothing, food, utensils, and then make it a priority to put things where they go.  A little time every day staying organized will save you lots of time down the road by not having to take a full day to clean up.

Ask Other Moms of Triplets For Advice


Whether you know her or not, there is probably a mom near you who has raised triplets.  It may be a good idea to connect with other moms of triplets since they have been through what you are going through now.  Ask them how they fed their children if they color coded them, and other simple yet important questions.  Some moms might still be raising young triplets, so this is a time to share thoughts of encouragement with each other.  If nothing else, you will make new friends.

In Summary

Having triples can be three times as hard as having one child but also three times the blessing.  By following some of the tips that I outlined here, you will get to enjoy the everyday blessings that three children bring, rather than being frantic over keeping up with everything that is going on. Good luck and remind yourself every day that you are doing an amazing job!


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