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The Ultimate Guide For Packing and Moving To a New Place

Moving ranks up there as one of the top stresses that you may encounter in life.  You’ll not only be saying goodbye to a place that you have called home, but you’ll need to trust that your belongings will survive the move to your new home.  Here are some tips that will get your belongings to your new destination safely and with the least amount of hassle.

Pack Fragile Furniture With Soft Items

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Try packing glassware with soft items such as socks together in a box.  You may even want to pack things like wine glasses inside of the socks.  You can use t-shirts as extra cushioning between the glasses in the socks.  Anytime that you can utilize what you already have as padding, you will be cutting down on space and packaging materials.

Pack Items That You Will Need First In A Clear Container

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Items that you will need as soon as you arrive, pack in a see-through container.  Make sure to pack that container where it can be easily found.  If you are packing a moving truck, then put that container in last so that it will be out first when you arrive.

Zip Lock Bags For Small Items

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Make sure to stock up on Zip Lock Bags for small items.  The nice thing about Zip Lock Bags is that they are transparent, so it’s easy to see what’s in them.  Zip Lock Bags are also inexpensive.  Think about placing items like make-up, screws, hair products, and anything small in the bags.

Take A Photo Of Electronic Plug-Ins

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Before disconnecting your computer and other electronics such as a television and DVD player, make sure to take a photo of the connections.  That way when you go to set it back up, you will know how they go together.  I do this whenever I need to take my computer in to get serviced.  Even if I think I’ll remember how everything goes together, it’s an excellent backup to have.

Label Everything

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Make sure to label all of the boxes so that you will know where to put them when you arrive at your new place.  A permanent black marker can work well for writing on boxes.  That way, when you arrive, you will know that the kitchen items can go to the kitchen, while bathroom items can be set down by the bathroom.

Let Go of Things

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Now is a great time to lighten your load and let go of items that you really don’t need.  A friend of mine and her husband recently moved, so they sold and gave away much of their belongings before the move.  The way my friend saw it, she said it’s just stuff and that they will get to collect more stuff at their new place.  Not only did the sale of items give them money for the move, but it was also a freeing experience as my friend described it. If you have wanted to get rid of things and lighten your load for a while now, moving gives you the perfect excuse.

Turn Off Your Refrigerator At Least A Day In Advance

Make sure to defrost your refrigerator long before you plan to pack it up.  It will need time to defrost and be drained of water.  You will want it to be completely dry before packing it for the trip.  Even a little water can make a big mess if it starts leaking out during the move.

Accept Help

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It can be easy to feel like you are bothering people by accepting help.  Friends are going to want to help you, so don’t rob them of the blessing by allowing them to do so.  There are so many jobs that you can assign to them.  If you have kids, let someone play with the kids while you pack.  Some can help you pack, while others can help you label and load.  Make sure to provide food and drinks so that everyone stays well fueled and happy.  Food usually brings out the best in people.

Create A To-Do List and Set Up A Timeline

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When you think of the big move, and all that needs to be done, it can be very overwhelming.  However, if you break it down into manageable small parts, it may not seem so bad.  Create a to-do list along with a timeline for each thing on your list.  I like to use a giant dry erase board for my to-do lists.  A large calendar can also work well.  You can add to the list as you think of more things that need to be accomplished.  I have a friend that calls writing stuff down, a “brain dump.”  She feels like it frees up her brain from having to remember things, by writing it down.

Cover Lids With Saran Wrap

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For items like shampoo, essential oils, and liquid soaps, put Saran Wrap around the top first before putting the lid on it.  That way if the lid cap pops up, nothing will come out and get on all of your packed items.

Load Heavy Furniture In First

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It will help to get the big furniture in your moving truck first.  That way you can start filling in the smaller spaces with smaller items.  Think outside of the box when packing furniture. It’s ok to turn couches sideways and dressers on their sides.  Do what it takes to utilize all of the space.

Pack An Overnight Bag

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Before the moving day, get a suitcase or bag packed with essential survival gear.  Pack this bag with toiletries, underwear, socks, a water bottle, and anything else that you would pack for an overnight trip.  You may even want to pack like you are going away for the weekend.  That way the bag gives you some breathing time as you travel and unpack at your new place.  You’ll have enough on your mind without scrambling for the toothpaste.

Final Thoughts

Moving doesn’t have to be a stressful experience.  If you plan it out, accept help, and organize by using some of the tips that I covered here, moving can actually be an exciting adventure.  Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to plan and then start to execute the plan one step at a time.  You may be surprised at how utilizing just a few moving tips can make this task fairly easy. Happy moving!

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