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8 Tips For Quick and Easy Diaper Changes

Studies indicate that a baby will go through approximately 5,000 diapers in the course of their childhood.  That’s not only a lot of diaper changes and baby wipes but a lot of time that mom and dad spend changing diapers.  Sometimes just small changes in a daily routine such as changing a diaper can add up to time-saving in the long run.  I’m going to go through some tips that will help diaper changes go by more efficiently.

Keep Your Changing Table Well Stocked Up

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Make sure that your changing area is always kept well stocked.  Keep everything within hand’s reach.  You’ll want to have a good supply of diapers, baby wipes, diaper cream, moisturizer, hand sanitizer, and plastic bags for disposing of dirty diapers.  You may also want to have nasal spray and toenail clippers.

Have More Than One Station

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If possible, you may want to have more than one station in your house. By having multiple stations, you can change your baby whenever and wherever you are.  Of course, if your house or apartment is very small, you may want to scrap this idea.

Have Baby Entertainment

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Babies will get to a certain age where they may put their hands in the mess that you are trying to clean up off of them. It can be helpful to have washable books or toys that he can hold on to while you change him. This will keep him occupied so that you can get the task done quicker.  It will be much harder to change a diaper on a bored baby than an entertained and busy baby.


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Play some music or sing to your baby while you are changing her. This will make the routine go by that much smoother and even more importantly it will make changing time fun.  Simple nursery rhymes chanted or sung can work well, or have a cd close by with some favorite tunes.  Some babies may go through stages where they don’t want to stop and lay still for a diaper change. By providing music, they may be much more cooperative.

Disposing of the Diapers

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Have a plan for disposing of the diaper immediately.  Some of the worst disaster diaper changing stories are from parents of babies or pets that get into a soiled diaper. And then there is the smell associated with the waste that you threw away.  Many people like to save and recycle plastic grocery shopping bags for disposing of a soiled diaper.  By putting the diaper in the plastic bag and tying it up, you will cut back on the smell.  Many people like to buy and use a diaper pail for the purpose of throwing away the soiled diapers.  However, if you have dogs or pets, you may want to put it in a more secure area.  An opened dirty diaper is going to be even worse to deal with than changing a diaper.

Wash Your Baby’s Hands

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After changing a diaper, the person doing the changing will naturally want to wash off their own hands. But it’s essential also to wash off your baby’s hands too.  Even if you didn’t see your baby touch anything gross, you will want to use caution and assume that they did.  It is natural for a baby to put their hands in their mouth, so you will want to prevent any chance of human waste entering their mouth.  Baby wipes can work well for this task.  Make sure to always have enough on hand.

Keep A Spray Bottle Filled With Disinfectant Handy

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You will want to clean the changing area routinely.  One of the easiest ways to do this is to keep a spray bottle filled with disinfectant handy.  Some people like to use commercial brand disinfectant while others like to make their own.  I like to clean almost everything in my house with water in vinegar.  Make sure to keep the spray bottle in the changing area along with paper towels to wipe it up and dry it off.

Keep A Well-Stocked Diaper Bag Ready To Go

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Unless you plan on never leaving your home, you will benefit from keeping a well-stocked diaper bag handy.  Keep all of the things that you will need ready to go at a moments notice.  That way when you need to head out the door, you won’t be scrambling to stock up the diaper bag.  Getting a baby ready to head out, is enough work without trying to pack a diaper bag.  Instead, pack that bag when your baby is sleeping or playing.

Final Thoughts

I’ve gone through some tips for quick and easy diaper changes.  I hope that one or more of these tips might help diaper changing go by quickly for you.  Do what it takes and be creative.  A mother will know best, what is going to work for her child and what isn’t. The biggest key is going to be, to stay organized ahead of time so that you don’t find yourself without the essentials, such as baby wipes in the middle of a diaper change.  Keep it fun and stay organized. Good luck!

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