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10 Ways To Refresh Your House Without Buying Anything New

When Spring Fever hits, houses across America get cleaned and redecorated.  There is something about a new season of extended daylight hours and life popping up all around outside that can bring about a need to change the inside of our homes too.  Refreshing your house doesn’t have to cost anything.  I’m going to go over some ways to refresh your house without buying anything new.

Rearrange Furniture


Your house can look completely different just by moving furniture around.  It can be as simple as moving your couch into a different corner.  Or, if you feel like a complete change, move your furniture into a different room.  For example, if you have a desk in the living room, why not switch things up and put it in your dining room?  The worst thing is that you have to put the furniture back where it was if you don’t like it.

Clean Your House


Cleaning can do wonders for your house.  Not only does it make your house cleaner, but it makes your house look nicer.  Cleaning your house can be as simple as organizing things that need put away, throwing/giving away not wanted items, or moving some things out to the garage.  While you are cleaning, you might even come across some furniture or decorations that were put aside, not to be a functional part of your home.  These newly found treasures can be put in your house to create a fresh look.

Rearrange Paintings and Pictures


Furniture isn’t the only thing you can rearrange.  Moving pictures and paintings around can make a big difference to any room.  Always make sure that your frames are eye level unless they are hanging over a tall object.

Move Mirrors Around


Mirrors can make a room look even bigger than it is, and therefore add a different look. Experiment with moving mirrors around.  It may just surprise you as to how much different your home will look with mirrors in different places.

Make Repairs


If your home is anything like mine, you may have a list of repairs that need to be done inside.  Repairs can range from fixing loose woodwork to sewing furniture that needs to be fixed.  Even minor repairs can change up your house for the better.

Display Fresh Fruit


Nothing spells Spring quite like colors.  When you get fruit from the grocery store, don’t hide it away in a refrigerator.  Instead, display it in a basket or on the kitchen or dining room table where all can see it.  The fruit has a way of freshening up a room.

Change up Linens and Towels


If you have other colors of towels and linens, now is a great time to change them. Sometimes it’s the little things like seeing a new set of bathroom towels hanging, that can change and freshen up an atmosphere.

Put Winter Throw Blankets Away


I like throw blankets in the winter.  There is just something cozy and inviting about cuddly up next to the fire with a quilt or fleece blanket on a cold and dark winter night.  But there is a season for everything, and Spring is not the season for winter blankets. You can put the throw blankets away, without putting them too far out of reach in case you still need them.

Switch Up Your Closet


What you wear may determine how you feel in your home.  It is just about time to put away that winter wardrobe and replace it with Spring and Summer clothing.  For some people, this only requires rearranging the closet or drawers, while others may want to box up clothing for Fall or Winter.

Get Ready To  Open Those Windows


If you have taken your window screens out for Winter, now is the time to get them back on your windows. If your screens have stayed in all Winter, it’s time to clean the screens and get ready to let some fresh air in.  There is something special about fresh Springtime air that can make any house feel like new.

In Summary

There are a lot of things that you can do to give your house a fresh feel this Spring.  Most of these things will require no money.  I’ve covered some of the ways to refresh your home without spending a dime.  I hope that this article can encourage you to think of more simple and free ways to refresh your home.


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