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10 Tips for Throwing a Great Engagement Party

What better reason to have a party than to celebrate an engagement.  With showers, recital dinners, and receptions down the road, an engagement party can be very timely.  I’m going to go over some ideas for a way that you can celebrate your big news.  Keep in mind that engagement parties are for both men and women.

Get Creative with the Dinner

engagement party

A lot of engagement parties are having dinner be a part of the schedule.  However, just because making dinner is popular, doesn’t mean that you have to make a popular meal.  Try going for a creative dish.  You may want to make a dish that you personally like or one that your fiancé enjoys.  Another idea is to use a family recipe to make dinner.  If you are too busy to cook dinner, then consider ordering food from your favorite restaurant.  Make sure to be creative when choosing the dinner, and feel free to have personal favorites be on the menu.

Make Small Appetizers

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If you don’t have the time to cook a large dinner, then you may want to make some appetizers.  Consider providing a few simple but tasty foods that your guests will enjoy.  Keep in mind that if you are only serving appetizers, you should set a time that isn’t near dinner or lunch.

Give a Toast

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At most engagement parties, the couple gives a toast.  You will want to make sure that you have a quick thank you toast planned.  Make sure to thank all of the people that you need to thank.

Play Fun Games

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To make your engagement party more fun, you may want to include some games.  Some couples invented their own games, such as having the guests figure out where they met and when they started dating.  Most games that are played at engagement parties have something to do with weddings or engagements, such as the ring toss.  Another fun game is having a ring hunt.  This means that you hide some plastic rings, and have the guests try to find them.

Choose a Fun Theme

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Part of having an engagement party is choosing what your theme will have.  A lot of people choose the Hawaiian theme.  Therefore, all of the guests must dress in Hawaiian clothes, and there will need to be Hawaiian decorations.  Others like to pick themes such as the beach, and therefore decorate the room with shells and blue colors.  Whatever theme you choose, make it fun and creative.

Pick a Location

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The location will depend on where everybody lives, what your budget is, and what the theme is.  Try choosing a spot that you and your fiancé like, such as a beautiful park or your favorite restaurant.  Some people like to have their engagement party be in the backyard, and have a grill and fire pit going.  Not only is this a fun and interesting idea, but it is also very affordable.

Add Candlelight

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If you are looking to add some romance and beauty to your engagement party, then you may want to add some candles.  You can either have a few candles spaced out on the table, or you can set them up in clusters.  You may want to send each guest home with a small candle to thank them.

Decorate with That Season’s Color

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When choosing a theme, you may want to consider decorating with that season’s color.  For example, if it is autumn, you may want to decorate with orange, red, and yellow colors, as well as pumpkins and leaves.  During the summer months, people often choose the beach as their theme.

Add Balloons

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Balloons can always make a party feel festive.  Because of this, many newly engaged couples decide to add balloons to their decorations.  If you have chosen a theme, you will want to get balloons that match your theme.

Have a Guest Book

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When the guests arrive, it may be nice to have a book for them to write in.  You might be able to order a guest book that has a picture of you and your fiancé in the background.  You may want to ask them to write any advice on marriage or any encouragement.  After the engagement party, you will be able to treasure the guest book and look back on it for years to come.

Final Thoughts

I hope that this article helped you with some engagement party ideas.  Remember that you can be as creative as you’d like.  It’s your celebration.  Be unique and try to showcase what makes you and your fiance’s union so special.  Have fun and congratulations on your engagement!

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