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Beat Morning Sickness With These 8 Tips And Tricks

No more terrible mornings for you.

Morning sickness.  Just the sound of it, makes me remember some unpleasant moments in my pregnancy.  The good news is that it’s not a sickness at all. It’s actually a good sign that the hormones holding your pregnancy in place are working well.  The bad news is that it makes you feel nauseous, can last long past morning, and it can go on much longer than that first trimester.  Here are some tips that can help lessen the effects of morning sickness.

Eat Smaller, Frequent Snacks

An empty stomach can make you feel nauseous.  Try to eat small snacks all day long every 2 to 3 hours to keep your stomach full. When I was pregnant, I kept saltine crackers by my bed so I could snack on some before I even got up.


Make sure your body is getting the rest that it needs.  You are going to need more rest that first trimester.   If you are exhausted from not getting enough rest, your morning sickness can be worse.


One of the longest used herbs for safely helping treat morning sickness is ginger root. Ginger tea, ginger root candy, or adding it to your food are some ideas for getting ginger into your system.

Don’t Rise And Shine Quickly 

When you arise, take it easy and give yourself plenty of time before your feet hit the floor. By taking it slow, you will help yourself not to vomit.

Stay Away From Strong Smells 

Your sense of smell is going to be heightened during pregnancy, so some scents are going to make you feel more nauseous.  Stay away from diesel, strong cooking ingredients, heavy perfumes, and anything that you notice triggers a sick feeling.

Eat More Protein

A high protein diet will take longer to digest, and make you stay fuller longer.  This will help stop the empty stomach sick feeling.

Avoid Saturated Fatty Foods

Fried foods can add to you feeling nauseous more regularly.

Get Moving

If you are given the go ahead by your doctor to stay active, getting moving can help.  I found that a morning run helped me get that sick feeling gone quicker than anything else. Try a walk in the fresh air, or whatever your preferred activity is to get feeling better.


Sometimes just the smell of lemons can help morning sickness subside.  Also, try adding some lemons to your water or tea.

Stay Hydrated

Though water may be the last thing you want when you feel sick, it’s important to keep drinking. If you are experiencing vomiting, you could become dehydrated which will be dangerous for both you and your baby.  Try taking small sips throughout the day.

Avoid Caffeine

Not only is caffeine not healthy for your baby, but it can also trigger morning sickness. Go for noncaffeinated drinks like tea or ginger ale.


I hope these tips may help lessen the effects of morning sickness for you or someone you know.  Hang in there and remember it will all be worth it when you’re holding your bundle of joy.


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