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Tips to Keeping The Spark Alive While Wedding Planning

Weddings are a beautiful union of two beautiful people coming together to join as one, but what of the people making that wedding happen? Remembering all the things you have to do can be overwhelming but how do you keep the romance alive while planning for your big day?

Remind Each Other Why You Want To Get Married

Why do you want to marry this person? Ask them why they want to marry you; You may already know the answer, but it is nice to be reminded. Express your love regularly, tell them you love them. Many times  just hearing that you are loved will brighten your mood.

Plan Together

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Marriage is a team effort, you wouldn’t face it alone, so why should the planning be done by one person? This day is about the two of you! Ask for the others input, ask for ideas, suggestions. Write them down. Work together to incorporate both of your ideas. This could be fun to see what the other comes up with and it will be amazing when it all comes together at the end of all your planning!


Once you have plans set, hand out tasks. Your bridal party is a great place to start! Ask them to do any task that you are comfortable having them do, big or small. Keep your stress to a minimum and if there are people willing to help, let them!

Date Night

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Let’s face it, we all get a little lazy when we get comfortable; Date your fiance. Go as far and being picked up for dinner and dropped off after the movie just for added effect of actually dating again! How fun is this rule! Plan a date together or plan separately and surprise the other. Dating focuses your mind on other things other than wedding planning. Dinner and a movie is a perfect way to feel as if you just started dating!

Make the “W” Word a Bad Word

Have rules when it’s ok to say or talk about wedding things. Make it a game, if one of you says the “W” word, they get a point against them. Whomever has the most points against them, they have to cook dinner at the end of the week or fold the laundry; A fun and friendly game you can make the rules for!

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Introduce New Things to Your Relationship

Go bungee jumping. Try hiking or biking. Trying new adventures can leave you with finding new date night ideas. Try local team building activities, go dancing, take a cooking class. You’ll learn a lot about your fiance when trying new things. You’ll learn they have quirky dance moves, trust you with their whole heart, and they tend to burn dinner, but most importantly you’ll learn new ways to love them.

Plan the honeymoon

What’s the best part of the wedding, once you’re married? THE HONEYMOON! Plan what you want to do and where you want to go. Once you’ve decided where you’re going, research it and figure out things to do around your location. Go and relax at the spa, swim at the pool, rock climb; Whatever you do, do it with love!

Wedding planning is a lot of work but it can also be a lot of fun too. Keep yourself centered in your relationship and don’t allow your wedding to become you. Battle the planning together, just like you’ll battle your way through life together. Keep the spark while planning your big day and make a habit of keeping it alive all throughout your marriage.



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