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6 Ways To Make Time For Your Spouse After The Baby is Born (No Babysitter Required!)

Being a new parent is so exciting, but it can be challenging to find time to spend with your significant other alone after your baby is born. It’s healthy and normal to spend time away from the baby to refresh and reconnect with each other. Obviously, a weekly date night out might be an ideal plan, but sometimes you just don’t have a babysitter you trust or family that lives close. So here are six tips on how to spend time with each other after your little one is born, without needing a babysitter.

Stay at Home Dates


You can have just as much fun staying home as you can going out. When the baby goes to bed, your date night begins! Try a movie night complete with popcorn, fun snacks, and special drinks. Another idea is to order a fancy dinner (or make it ahead of time) and eat it by candlelight. Maybe have an exciting game night playing your favorite board games, card games, or video games.

Another possibility is to have a massage/spa night complete with candles and all things you both find relaxing. A night down memory lane could be sentimental and special; just grab old photos, letters/cards, your wedding video, and reminisce. If you both love to bake (or eat the yummy results), you could cook a fun new recipe together.

Wake Up Early


I know this might be far-fetched for families who have a crying baby all night. But, maybe the idea of waking up early to drink coffee and just chat sounds appealing to you. This can be as simple as that or you can find a different fun activity to do together before your baby wakes up.

Walk With The Baby


This is super doable and can really be enjoyable for everyone involved. A walk provides the opportunity for you two just to chat and enjoy each other’s company. And it’s  possible that your baby could fall asleep during the walk, so you two can focus on each other. Walks are also a great way to get some quick exercise and also improve your mood. When your mood is improved, you are going to want to do it again! Not to mention, the fresh air will be good for your baby.

Lounge Together


When you lay your baby down for a nap, why not take a nap yourself. Instead of trying to get one of the million things on your to-do list done, take some time just to relax together. This can be cuddling on the couch, reading a book together, or binge-watching some TV. The physical touch aspect of cuddling can be just what you need to reconnect.

Take A Drive


Another simple and doable way to spend time together is to just get in the car and drive. There is a good chance that your baby will fall fast asleep in his or her car seat, and then the real fun can begin.  It might be interesting to play brain games, ask each other fun questions like “Would You Rather,” or you could just sit back and chat. One way to make it even more exciting is by going through drive-thrus. Perhaps one place for drinks, one place for dinner, and one place for dessert!

Meet Up For A Lunch Break


This is ideal if both you and your husband are working parents. If you both have the luxury of getting long lunch breaks, take the time to meet up with each other once in a while. You could go somewhere and have a picnic lunch complete with a basket filled with goodies, or you could go to a quick restaurant. Seeing each other in the middle of the day can give each of you something to look forward to at work, and thus recreate those butterfly feelings for each other!

It’s so important to make time for each other often because having a healthy relationship is vital to your family. Pick exciting things to do together. And one rule of thumb to dating as a parent: try not to talk about the baby but just enjoy each other. Happy dating!



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