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Tips For Traveling With a Newborn

Your travel days don’t have to be put on hold just because you have an infant.  In fact, traveling with a newborn can be fun and rewarding.  Whether you’ll be traveling by air, boat, bus, train, car, recreational vehicle, or backpacking, it can all be done with an infant with just a little planning ahead.   I’m going to go over some tips for traveling with a newborn.

Traveling With a Newborn: Pack Some Baby Supplies

If you will be traveling with a baby, you will need to bring along some of your baby’s supplies.  This is especially important if you will be flying with a newborn, as airport stores usually don’t carry baby supplies.  You can use a diaper bag as your baby traveling bag.  A suitcase will work too, but it will take up more space.  Make sure to pack extra supplies, in case your flight is delayed.  If you will be driving, you should still pack extra supplies in case you are not near a store and your baby needs one of those supplies.  Things to pack in your baby traveling bag could include the following:

  • Diapers and wipes
  • A couple blankets
  • Clothes for your baby
  • Nursing pads if you are breastfeeding
  • Formula and bottles if you bottle feeding
  • Pacifiers
  • Small toys
  • A sling or a baby carrier
  • Small snacks
  • Bottles
  • Breast pump (optional)
  • Car seat (it may not fit in your bag, but it is good to take along, even for flying)

Use a Baby Travel Stroller

A baby travel stroller can be a nice piece of equipment to have around for while you’re waiting for your flight, walking to the airport, or taking a walk after a long car ride.  A nice feature about a baby travel stroller is that it is lightweight, easy to maneuver, and is very basic.  Some baby travel strollers do feature a canopy to block out the sun, but that is about it.  Because it is so lightweight and small, its main purpose is to allow you to travel with your baby much easier.  It is not meant for walks on uneven ground or long jogs.

Be Prepared For Takeoff

If you’ve ever been in an airplane with a baby on board, you may recall the loud cries and whimpers.  That is because the pressure can cause major pain for babies while flying. To prevent your little one from crying loud in the airplane during takeoff, try offering him a pacifier, bottle, or breastfeed him.  Sucking can help relieve the pressure, and therefore prevent your newborn from crying.  Not only will this make your baby much more comfortable, but it will also be less annoying to other passengers.

Take Lots Of Stops

If you are traveling with a newborn in a car, you are in control of how many stops you should take.  With that being said, you should take advantage of gas stations you pass by or other buildings with large restrooms that you can use to change your baby’s diaper, breastfeed, etc.  Try taking breaks throughout your trip so that your baby never reaches the point of starvation, boredom, or anything else that would cause you to stop immediately.  If you keep your baby well fed and entertained, you should never have to quickly stop the vehicle because of an emergency.

Use Car Seats

If you will be driving in the car, a car seat is a must-have.  But what some people do not know is that they can have their baby ride in a car seat on an airplane as well.  This will allow you to strap your baby in with buckles, make the seating comfortable for your newborn, give your baby some height to look out the windows, and allow you to ride with your hands free instead of holding your baby.  If you have decided that you want to use a car seat, remember to ask for two seats on the airplane.  There should be enough room for the two of you, as airplanes aren’t usually filled all the way.

Comfort Your Baby

Traveling with a baby is not only difficult for you, but it can also be stressful for your baby.  Try spending lots of time holding and playing with your baby.  If you are flying on an airplane, it should be easier to find time to cuddle with your baby.  If you are traveling in a car, you may find it difficult to comfort your newborn.  Try taking plenty of walks, as this can tire your baby and make him or her sleep during the car rides.

Wear a Baby Sling/Carrier

A baby sling or baby carrier can comfort your child, as well as free your hands.  Remember that you should only wear the baby carrier while you are flying or taking a walk.  Do not drive while wearing your baby, as this could result in serious injury to your newborn if you were to be in an accident.

What Is the Safest Way To Travel With a Newborn?

Now that I’ve gone over ways to travel with your newborn, you may be wondering what is the safest way to travel.  The two most safest ways to travel with an infant is taking a bus or driving a car.  Flying with a newborn is not the safest way to travel, as the pressure can hurt your child’s ears as well as cause breathing to become more difficult.  It is best not to travel on a plane right after birth.  Instead, wait until your child is a little older.  Also, do not attempt to fly with your child if he or she has any breathing problems.

Final Thoughts About Traveling With a Newborn

I’ve gone over some tips for traveling with a newborn.  Some modes of travel will be easier and require less planning than others.  The most important thing that you can do, is to be prepared ahead of time.  I hope that these tips help you to have a stress free time traveling with your baby.

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