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6 Must-Read Pieces of Advice For Women Becoming Second-Time Moms

If you are about to become a second-time mom, first let me offer my Congratulations! You may have a lot of thoughts and concerns about what it will be like with a second child in the house. Some mothers even report feelings of anxiety and guilt.  Many moms worry if they can take care of a second child without neglecting the relationship they have with their first child. Take a breath and know that you are going to do just fine.  I’ve put together some tips for women who are about to become second-time moms in the article today.


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The more that you can prepare ahead of time for the arrival of your second child, the easier it will be when your bundle of joy arrives. Try to think out all of the details and things you did to prepare for your first child.  Have a flexible plan for where the baby will sleep, and who will watch your first child while you are in labor.  The more planning you do, the less stress you should have.

Talk To Your First Child About The New Baby

second time mom

The more you talk with your child about the expected arrival of his or her new sibling, the better your child should be able to handle the adjustment.  Make sure to assure your child that you will not love her any less.  I heard a mother explain it once as love multiples and doesn’t divide.

Ask your child if they are willing to help you out in the raising of this little one. The more that you involve your child and talk to him or her, the less likely that she will feel left out.  Problems most often arise out of jealousy for the mother’s time.  A lot of this can be dealt with before the baby arrives if you take the time to talk it out.  Don’t forget to listen too.

Consider Getting A Carrier

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You may or may not have used a carrier for your first child. As an only child, it may have been easy to keep an eye on him.  But now that you will have two children, it may alleviate some stress to have your baby in a carrier some of the time, especially if your other is a toddler and active child.

Have A Gift Ready For Your First Child

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Your first child is going to go through a significant change from being the only child to being the oldest.  It may help to have a gift ready to give to her after the birth of your second child.  Many parents like to go with t-shirts that say something about being a big brother or sister.  Think about what will make your firstborn feel special.

Stock Up

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Now is a great time to stock up on diapers and baby wipes.  Look for discounts and cut those coupons.  Make sure that your diaper changing area is ready to go.  Your older child may want to help in the preparing and buying of supplies.

Have Confidence

second time mom

If you are worried or stressing about having two children, relax and remember that you’ve done a great job so far.  If you had fears about having your first child, take a look at him and remember that he is living proof that you can do it.  And you can do it well.  Don’t ever second guess yourself.

Final Thoughts

I’ve gone over some tips for women that are about to become a second-time mom.  Remember to prepare all that you can before your second child is born.  Talk to your older child and include him or her in the preparation process.  If you can enlist your first child to be your helper, things will be much easier. I wish you the best of luck as you expand your family!

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