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To Be Or Not To Be: Getting Someone Special Ordained For Your Ceremony

Your big day is approaching and you want to include everyone. Family is a big part of you so why not make them a big part of your day? What are the pros and cons of having someone special, such as a family member who is ordained to perform your wedding?

The Cons


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You can now become ordained over the internet with just a few questions about your demographics, however the credibility can be questionable for legal purposes. Some venues may not let one with such credentials officiate. Be sure to ask your venue, such as a church, if you are allowed to bring your own officiant.

More Work For Them

Being a guest to a wedding is the easy part. They just show up. But being the officiant they will be responsible for the ceremony and the blessing at the meal. That doesn’t sound like much, but when you have to hit every little detail that the bride and groom wish to have set for their special day it can be a little nerve racking.

More Work For You

You’ve got a lot on your plate, do you really want to add even more to it? You have to write out a plan for your newly ordained family member to go by during the ceremony; You write the entire ceremony, how everyone walks down the aisle and when, what to say, how to say it, and what to include in the in-between.

Rules and Regulations

Different states have different rules, be sure to find out what regulations your state has in regards to becoming ordained. You wouldn’t want to plan for your special person to officiate and then find out that they don’t meet legal regulations and stuck with no one to officiate at the last minute.

The Pros


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You Get to Choose Exactly How Your Ceremony Will Go

Even though it is more work, you choose exactly how your ceremony will play out. You can make it your own and personalize it. It can be ridden with funny jokes and you will have your guests belly laughing through your whole ceremony,  you can make it serious and heartfelt, or you can do a combinations of things. Either way, your ceremony will be strictly you.


Had you asked your pastor at your church to be an officiant at your wedding, you may be faced with having a popular wedding date and be denied due to prior engagements. But hopefully the person you want to officiate was served with an invitation, so you know they will be available and able to run the show!

A Special Connection

You obviously asked the person you want to officiate your wedding to officiate because you have a special connection with them; Whether they be family or a close friend, they mean a lot to you and them delivering your vows to you on your special day with the person you chose to spend the rest of your days with is extremely touching.

The Price

 A family member or friend would more than likely be happy, and honored, to be such a big part in your big day. Having a professional officiate your ceremony can be pricey, this may not be an issue for some, but those on a budget can really appreciate this pro!

If the cons win, you want to consider just making that special person a guest of honor. But if the pros outweigh the cons, go for it! It will not only make your day more memorable, but it will bond you closer as a couple to the special person that you have chosen to officiate.

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