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The 8 Best Places And Ways To Be Proposed To

You proposal should be something really special.

Did you just get engaged or are hoping to sometime soon? It can be frustrating and exciting at the same time to wonder when your man is going to pop the big question. If you want to get proposed to in an ideal location, you might want to turn this article over to your hopeful husband to be. We are going to walk you through the best places and ways he can propose to you.

1. Where You First Met

Now, hopefully, this isn’t the side of the road or at a sketchy dive bar, but it can be romantic for him to take you back to where it all began. He can commemorate this trip by talking about the best times you’ve had together and will have together. So be cautious the next time he wants to take you to the cafe where you first met.

2. A Scenic Location Outdoors

Everyone loves those engagement pictures that take place on the tops of mountains or overlooking gorgeous hiking trails. You really can’t go wrong with proposing in a beautiful outdoor location, guys. This works especially well if you both enjoy doing outdoor activities together. If not, you can never go wrong with proposing on the beach or beside a lake.

3. Your Favorite Place

This can take many different forms. It could be your favorite restaurant, hidden place, or even favorite place in your town. Even though this proposal tends to be more public, it is very thoughtful that he wanted to take you to a place you love to ask you a question you’ll probably love even more.

4. In Front Of Family

Hopefully, your parents and immediate family members are in on when your man is proposing, but why not make them part of the experience? This works well if you are on a family vacation, holiday, or just want to invite them for a get together on a certain weekend. Your families will both enjoy being part of such a monumental occasion.

5. In A Secluded Area

Some girls like to have all eyes and attention on them when they get engaged, but many women prefer for this to be a moment for them and them alone. So why not take your girlfriend to a peaceful location or hidden area where it can just be the two of you? She will definitely appreciate the intimacy of this moment. For extra fun, hide a photographer around the corner so that they can document the whole moment for you to enjoy later.

6. After A Fancy Date/Evening

Take your girl for the ultimate night out complete with all her favorite things. Let her have the opportunity to dress up and have a great time with you. Then, after your remarkable evening, break out the ring to make it even more spectacular.

7. Make It A Big Deal

Now, you have to know your girlfriend before you deploy this tactic. But this proposal is for the girls who like to be the center of attention and for you to declare your love to them publically. That might mean on the Megatron at your favorite team’s football game, or making a  huge sign that she sees when she enters her workplace. Make sure that you have plenty of photographers ready and people around to exclaim and make a fuss.

8. Planned

No matter how you choose to propose to your girlfriend, make sure that you think about it and plan it out. No girl wants a guy who just randomly asks her without having a ring. Think about if your girlfriend would want a bigger and more attention getting proposal, or just something small and intimate. Remember that this day is about you and her, but mostly her. Make sure that you plan it to a T so that you can cherish this special day forever.


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