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The Top 10 Best Side Jobs for Young Adults

There are so many more options nowadays for young adults to earn money than when I was growing up. After college, you may have a job in your field, but not enough money to cover student loan payments and other bills. You may be wishing that you had some extra money for going out to eat or planning a fun vacation. All of this can be possible by getting a side job. Today I’m going to cover some side job ideas for young adults that want to have more cash flow coming in. Though we are going to be covering a wide variety of side jobs in this article, we did choose ten of our favorite side jobs to go into more detail on. We have included these in-depth reviews in the table below.

Perks of Having a Side Job

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One of the biggest perks of having a side job is, drum roll please…. Money.   Yes, we could all use a little extra money, right?  When you have money, you can buy that vehicle you’ve been wanting.  Or go to that concert coming your way with your best friends. Money can mean freedom to do what you want and buy the things that you need or want.

If you are always broke, borrowing money, or staying home from events you wish you could afford, chances are good that you could benefit from a side job. 

Where You Can Start to Look for a Side Job

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If you are looking for a side job, let your wishes be known to family and friends.  They may know someone who is hiring.  Or they may need some work done and like knowing that they could hire you, since they know you.  Check the classified ads in the newspaper.  Look on Facebook local pages.  Start looking around for a need in your community and make your own job.  I loved to paint when I was younger, so I’d use tempera paint that washed off and would paint my glass windows at Christmas. Then I started painting other houses. Tips were coming in, and before I knew it, I was getting referrals to paint dentist office windows and windows at our local pharmacy and mall. Something that started small grew into a nice little income when I was in high school.  What I’m trying to say, is to keep your eyes open and don’t hide your skills.  When people see that you have a skill, they may just come to you without you seeking them out for a job.

What To Look for In a Side Job

College Students

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If you are in college, you may want to start looking for jobs in your field of study.  If you are an elementary education major, start looking at your local YMCA or daycares for child care opportunities.  Or maybe you are an art major.  Then start looking for jobs in your field of study like contractual jobs creating art for individuals. It’s never too early to start building your resume in your field of study.

College Graduates

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College grads may want to start looking for work in their degree area.  But at the same time, don’t be afraid to take on jobs in a different area of interest too.  I enjoyed life guarding in the summers after I graduated from college.  While it was not in my field of study, it was a side job that I enjoyed.  Look for lines of work in your area too.  Now you are more qualified on paper than most of the population.

Those Who Have Never Been to College

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If you have never been to college, have no fear.  You may have just as many job opportunities as those who have been to college. It’s important that you put yourself out there and make your skills known to people in your community. 

Examples of Popular Side Jobs

Pet Sitting

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If you’re a young adult that already happens to love pets, then pet sitting may be a job that you would really enjoy.  My daughter takes care of horses, cattle, cats, etc. when neighbors take vacations.  This could be a side job that you do your whole life.  I’m way beyond my young adult years, and still pick up pet sitting jobs here and there.

Selling Crafts at Craft Shows

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I happen to attend craft bazaars on a regular basis since I sell my alpaca wares at them. My daughter, from a very young age, got in on this by weaving her own line of potholders and felted wool cat toys.  She used to just have a spot on my table since I already paid for the table fee and it was easy to just give her a section of my table. But we both found out quickly that she does much better when she has her very own table, with her own sign. Adults seem to want to buy from young entrepreneurs.  If you are a young adult and can’t think of what to sell at a craft show, I suggest going to a craft bazaar to get some ideas. If you don’t want to drive to a place to sell your wares, think about opening up a craft shop online. Many people open up successful Etsy stores, or simply post what they are selling on their social media accounts. 

Holiday Jobs

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When I was in college, I made all the money I’d need for each year, during holidays and summer vacations.  Each Christmas, mall stores hire extra employees just for the holiday season.  It can be perfect timing for a college student to pick up a holiday job that he or she won’t have to be committed to year-round. 

Elderly Care Taker

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You may be surprised at the number of families looking for someone to check in on an elderly family member.  Make it known among family and friends that you are available to care for an elderly person.  How much care is needed will greatly depend on each individual case.  Again, this is a job for all ages.

Snow Shoveling

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This job is for any age too.  If you have a strong body and enjoy helping people out, snow shoveling may be for you.  If you live in a snowbelt, you may find that you will have more business lined up than you can even handle.  All you need is a snow shovel.  However, if you want to expand your business, you may want to start putting away some snow shoveling profits for the purchase of a snowblower or ATV with a snow plow on the front. 

Lawn Care

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The beauty of a lawn care business is that you can tailor it to your level of commitment, time, and finances.  You may want to start out small with a single lawn mower, and build from there.  You may even expand to buy a riding lawn mower and hire some more people to use lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, and weed wackers.  Friends may want in on it, if you want to start hiring help.


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If you have a gift and/or willingness to write, you can find freelancing jobs online.  Some pay by the hour, but the best jobs pay by the project or by the word.  This is not for everyone, but if you are a good writer and enjoy writing, you may be able to make some extra money. The best part is that you can work at your own pace. 


I’ve gone over some of the best side job ideas for college students, college grads, and people who have never been to college.  The great thing about side jobs is that this doesn’t have to be what you do with the rest of your life.  It’s simply a way to earn some extra cash. Good luck at finding a side job that you enjoy and that provides you with some extra cash.

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