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Top 10 Places to Register for Your Future Little One

There are so many places you can register for baby gifts these days, but not all of them have a big selection of brands or products. When deciding where to register for your baby shower, look for stores and websites that sell high-quality, fun, and unique products. The great thing today, is that there are not only stores, but online registries with a wide range of items! Take into consideration these ten companies that can provide you with all the baby products that a future mother needs.

1. Target

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Target is one of the best places to register because the stores are so easy to access across the country. Even if your friends or relatives live far away, there’s sure to be a Target near them! Target has tons of fun and inexpensive products, including everything from baby wipes, up to cribs and carriers. If you’re only going to register at one place, this is a great one-stop shop to do it. They also give you a “Welcome Kit” with $50 worth of samples and coupons, plus 15% off anything left on your registry up to eight weeks prior to your shower.

2. Amazon

Registering on Amazon is the perfect way to ask for hard-to-find gifts, especially if you live in a rural area with fewer brick and mortar shopping options. If you’re a Prime member, you can get up to 15% off items left on your registry, as well as access to special rotating offers and discounts on select maternity and baby items. You can even add items from other websites to your registry on the off chance that it’s not on Amazon!

3. Babies “R” Us

Babies “R” Us has everything you could ever need for baby in a variety of price points. They also offer tons of perks, including shower planning tools, pre- and postnatal classes, a price match guarantee, and returns up to 1 year after your baby’s expected arrival date. Plus, if you sign up for their Rewards “R” Us program, you get up to 10% back from purchases off your registry, even if you bought them for yourself using the 10% completion discount, in the form of a gift card. Double win!

4. Wal-Mart

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Though Wal-Mart might not have the best selection of high-quality larger baby needs like furniture, it’s the perfect place to register for essentials like diapers, formula, and onesies. When you’re looking through all the adorable clothes and toys at other stores, you might forget how much you will need and appreciate the every day stuff. Registering here could save you a lot of money and trips to the store during the first few busy months of motherhood!

5. Etsy

Etsy is great if you’re into one-of-a-kind items, or if you’ve had a baby before and already have all the major things. Here, you’ll find unique, and often handmade, clothing, toys, blankets, bags, and nursery decor you can’t find anywhere else. Many shops even personalize their items if you request something special on that specific item. With the never-ending selection of cute merchandise, making your registry on Etsy will be almost as fun as receiving the items!

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6. Buy Buy Baby

Buy Buy Baby has a huge selection and offers personalized registry suggestions after you sign up. Unlike many baby registries, this one highlights adoption and offers must-have checklists for infants and babies over a year old. These lists would obviously help any new mom make sure she’s registered for everything she needs, but the recognition of non-traditional families is pretty amazing. One of this site’s best perks is the $25 incentive to refer a friend to register with them or create a wedding registry with their sister company Bed Bath & Beyond.

7. Pottery Barn Kids

This is the place to register for high-quality baby and toddler furniture that will stay with your little one for years. They also have everything you need to complete baby’s room, like curtains, lighting, storage, bedding, and decor. They also personalize a lot of their baby items and offer free design consultations for decorating the nursery. Their biggest perk is that each month, they choose one registrant to win up to $2500 worth of their registry items.

8. BabyList

BabyList is a universal registry site that’s perfect for when you don’t want to commit to one store or make a million registries at a million different places. You can add any item from any store to your list. You can even include gifts not found in stores, like an evening of babysitting or your favorite meal from Grandma’s kitchen. This is by far the best way to personalize your registry and make it uniquely you.

9. Not Finding Out

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This is one of the most unique baby registry sites out there! It allows you to register for different item styles depending on if you’re having a girl or a boy. After your ultrasound, your doctor fills in a card with the gender of your baby and sends it to the company so your friends and family know which products to get you. After baby is born, you contact Not Finding Out to confirm the baby’s sex and then they send you your gifts. It’s the best way to be surprised without receiving a slew of yellow and green baby items.

10. BabyEarth

For the eco-conscious mama, this site is awesome! It offers earth-friendly baby products and even has an eco-friendly gift wrap option. You can choose to receive either Spa Rewards or 5% towards your next BabyEarth purchase from the items purchased off your registry. This site is also great for busy ladies because they offer pre-made registries if you don’t have the time or energy to make your own from scratch.

The stores and companies listed above are just some of the fun places you can register for baby gifts. Whether you want big or small gifts, handmade treasures, or eco-friendly products, there’s a registry for you and for everything you need for your little one on the way!

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