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The Top Ten Places, Online and In-Store, for Your Wedding Registry!

Starting a new chapter in your life can be exciting and thrilling, but how do you know what you are going to need for you and your new spouse? Ask your mom or your soon to be mother-in-law what they think; Asking them what you may need not only eliminates time on deciding where to go, but it also gives you ideas on items you may have not even thought of. The best stores to register at? Here are the ten stores to consider for any wedding registries!

In-store and Online

1. Target

Target has registries for any occasion, they even have a “list” section where you can make a grocery list! You can buy in-store or online. You can order on-line or pick up in store!

The perks of having a registry at Target? If your guests have a red card, they will automatically save 5% on their purchase for you. They also have coupons built into your registry and they have incentives for when your guests buy certain items on your registry. So the perks have perks here!

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They also have free registry printouts to place in your invitation and easy maintenance on your registry online and through the Target app; You can easily add or mark off items right on-line!

The return policy is super simple and super easy! Just be sure to keep the original packaging when making the return. And remember you only have 90 days to return or exchange items!

2. Best Buy

Best Buy? Really?? What would you get at Best Buy? Normally when you get married you start anew. You’ll junk the couch that you had in your college apartment and upgrade you rinky dink television. Best Buy is the place to do that!

The perks are pretty sweet! Best Buy has a thing called “group gifting”, so your guests can donate any amount of money that they want to toward an item that you may want. Want that beautiful living room set? They can donate toward that. With your registry, you and your guests get 10% off of every item.

The return policy here is simple, if an item is purchased off of your registry, you have 60 days from the purchase date to return your items. That is an extra 45 days from their regular, non registry, return policy! Sa-weet!

3. Walmart

Walmart has a slew of items from kitchen to bathroom for a really great price. Heck at a Walmart Super-center, you can get tires for you car! If you’re going on a road trip for your honeymoon, consider their car services to check over your car!

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The perks of registering at Walmart is simple, not only do you have a mobile app to monitor your registry at all times, in that app you can scan items in the store to place on your registry. Walmart has the convenience of price, name brand items, and vast array of items that they offer for sale from the garage to the kitchen.

The return policy at Walmart is 15 to 90 days depending on the item. Be sure to check what items you have received and be sure to clarify the return policy before it is too late!

4. Kohl’s

Kohl’s has an array of items from clothing for yourself to sheets for your bed, with all that they have to offer, how do you choose?

The perks of choosing Kohl’s for your registry, you earn free gifts, just by signing up for their registry! Not only do you get free gifts, you get free announcement cards that will allow your guest to save $20 on a $100 purchase made in store.

Once you have created your registry, you may share your registry on social media so that your guests know, in addition to the announcement cards, where you’re registered.

Now, with your registry at Kohl’s, they offer 10% rewards on any purchases from your registry! But that isn’t the only reward that you get, when your big day has come and gone, you get 15% off the rest of your items in your registry. Woop, woop!

The return policy doesn’t state a numerical value, but they have promised hassle free returns, need I say more??

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5. Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Bed, Bath, and Beyond is a ware-house of all things life. Not only do they have all your indoor needs, they also have outdoor items as well. They even have personalized items too!

The perks are as follows, you can opt to receive a how-to book with tips and guides to let you be aware of all the options! Bed, Bath, and Beyond offers a registry checklist, announcement cards, AND personalized invitations! They also do a price match on all items. How cools is that!

And like you see in the movies when the bride and groom get to go around the store with the little laser gun to register all of their items on their registry? Yeah, you have the option to do that at BBB.

The return policy states that returns can be made to any store, anywhere, it doesn’t have to be returned to the store it was purchased at or through the online return center which will give you step by step instructions on how to return via the return center!! Even if you don’t have a receipt and the item was purchased in the last 365 days, they can attempt to look up the purchase in-store!

6. Things Remembered

This isn’t necessarily a placed for wedding registries, but this is a great place to get gifts that are personalized and sentimental.

For Guests

Purchase an ornament or a picture frame with their name as Mr. and Mrs. with their wedding date! Things Remembered has anything from cutting boards to door knockers to towels and throws.

For the Bride and Groom

You can purchase your server set for your cake or your champagne flutes for your table and keep them forever as a keepsake. Request a wedding catalog for all things wedding to help you find items that will work for you!

Bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts can also be purchased here. These are uber sentimental and easy to personalize.

Just because Things Remembered doesn’t have a registry doesn’t mean that you should count them out!

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Online Only!

Online shopping has become the new thing, out with the old and in with the new, right? Shopping online is not only convenient for you but also for the person purchasing gifts for you as well.

7. Amazon

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, even better (Although you don’t have to be.)! Amazon can be your own personal shopping center if you so choose!

The perks are definitely clear here. You can add items from any website you can think of, they walk you through how to upload those items, so Amazon is very user friendly! So user friendly, in fact, they keep track of whom buys which item off your registry and they keep their demographics handy so when you send out your thank you cards, you have all the info in one place.

Speaking of all in one place, you can create your own wedding registry page, complete with pictures of yourselves, a small blurb about you as a couple, and your vast list of registry items!

For your vast list, you get free shipping, even if you aren’t an Amazon Prime member! And Amazon offers financing to purchase those big items!

The return policy is actually pretty boss too. 180 day.. One hundred and eighty days. That is almost six months to return your items!

8. Thankful

Thankful is a bit different in the way of a traditional registries. For 12 months, you pay $30 to use their site. On there site you can add any thing and everything from other online stores using any currency, similar to Amazon.This is also a one stop shop as you can include your honeymoon and even donate to charities. Everything is included here for your best wedding experience.

The perks Thankful has to offer are amazing, this site isn’t free because it isn’t a registry…Wait.. it isn’t a registry? No, it’s an online service that allows you to collectively add everything you need and want in one place. Think of it as a marketplace for all things life and wedding. You can add a house fund!!!!

The return policy here isn’t clear. Because Thankful is a third party, they will pull items from all over. Think of Thankful as list of things, a compilations of wants and needs for you both.

This is just a visual list for your guest. So be sure that your guests are aware that where ever the item is located, that is where they would be purchasing; So be sure to check the return policy on those sites!

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9. Zola

Zola is a great online registry. A one stop shop, if you must say. This site has everything you can image and more. The categories of items to shop for go list from anything in the kitchen to items in the bathroom.

The even cooler thing about Zola? Other than just a registry, they help you plan your honeymoon, they give you options to have time with your significant other, and they give you gift options for your bridal party! For the first two options, you can place them on your registry and have your guests donate to them! How neat is that?!

The perks are even cooler if you ask me… Free shipping on orders over $100, they do price matching, and a 10% discount after the date of your big day.

The return policy is quite simple, if you have a need for that, that is! The simply ask that you have the item and it’s original packaging, unused to return. The viable return policy for Zola is 90 days.

If one of your guests wants to have something shipped directly to you, it won’t be shipped until you personally release it. If you don’t wish to accept that gift, you can exchange it for a store credit without notifying the purchaser.

Physical items that need to be shipped back can be shipped back in a pre-paid box by calling their support number or contacting them through their website.

Not Either, But Useful for Everyday!

10. Whole Sale Stores

Talk about an out of the box idea for a gift. Wholesale stores like Costco, BJ’s, and Sam’s Club are great! This gift can be used for as long as you want to keep the membership open. But that initial gift of the actual membership could really help you. Buying in bulk is usually cheaper and easier to stock your cabinets. And we all know that after wedding planning and spending all that money for your big day, any way to save is amazing.


Planning for your big day can be tough and stressful, but it can also be a lot of fun. Like deciding where you want to register and how, online or in-store. Do what works for the both of you as a couple and have a blast picking out the items you and your spouse will use in your every day life!



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