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The Top 10 Ways To Save Extra Money Each Month

Are you looking for daily tips that can help save money? Wondering how you can cut back a little bit each month to pay off some debts? Here are some ideas that can help you get started and do just that!

Skip The Starbucks 


I know that it can be addicting to buy your favorite cup of coffee or drink of choice every morning at a local cafe or gas station, but skipping this step can save you up to $5 each day. That adds up to be $35 a week! Though coffee makers and Keurigs can be expensive initially, they can be worth the investment if you are an avid coffee fan. Not to mention they can save you time on your morning commute!

Pack Your Lunch


I am not saying that it is not great to treat yourself every once in awhile to a lunch out.  But, it will save you break time and money to pack your lunch more often than you buy. Lunch meat and bread tend to be among the cheapest things you can buy at a grocery store, and this can benefit your health in the long run.

 Take A Staycation


I know that nothing is more rewarding than taking time off to go to a tropical location, especially if you’ve been stuck in a cubicle for the last six months, but a staycation can be just as fun and not to mention much less expensive. It can be a great opportunity to let your body recharge, especially because you tend to go non-stop on vacations to try to see everything you possibly can. Take a road trip to a nearby city to spend a couple of days, or just explore the hidden parts of your town that you’ve always wanted to.

 Don’t Spend  Money You Don’t Have


I know that this might sound like a no-brainer. But try your best to keep track of how much money you are making and make sure it doesn’t exceed what you are spending. If you have a credit card that is racking up debt, cut it up. Don’t let yourself be tempted to spend more money than you are making.

Compare Grocery Stores In Your Area


I know that Whole Foods is a crazy fun store to shop at, but, you might be spending more than you need to on their prices. It might be better to try to buy half your food at a more high-end grocery store, and then buy your non-perishables at a cheaper outlet like an Aldis or Shop and Save.

 Write A List Before You Go Shopping


It can be easy to go overboard when you go shopping and buy a lot of things that you don’t need. To avoid this, make a list of what you need every time that you go out shopping. This works not just for grocery shopping, but for clothing shopping, furniture shopping, or any shopping. Stick to your list and don’t let yourself buy anything, not on it.

Cut Back On The Ice-Cream Treats

ice cream

I know that now that it’s summer, it can be all too easy to stop by Rita’s or your local mom-and-pop ice cream stand every night to get your favorite sweet treat. Instead of spending money on gas and their product, buy ice cream containers at the grocery store. You will save time and money. For a healthier option, try freeze pops or popsicles. 

Invite Friends Over


As young adults, it is likely that many of your friends are in the same dilemma of trying to save money that you are. Try to stay in one weekend instead of going out. It can be just as fun to have a movie night or plan a game and trivia night. Everyone can help out by bringing either drinks or food to share with everyone.

 Buy Things Used


Now we all know that there are certain things that you should always buy new, i.e.,. Underwear, socks, and deodorant. But there are plenty of great things you can buy used that will work just as well as the newest model. For example, cars, gently used clothing, furniture, and books. These can be great ways to save money and still get what you need.

Eat Leftovers


A very good idea to save money is to make a lot of something at the beginning of the week, say pasta, and use it creatively throughout the rest of the week. So maybe one night you have spaghetti, the next night you chop up some chicken and spices to include in the pasta, and the last night you butter the noodles. These are three different meals that essentially use the same ingredients. But what about the items you make that you can’t easily reuse? Don’t be afraid to have a leftover night in your house, like a Friday or Saturday night, where you can eat much of the food you made that week. Try not to waste any of your food if you can.


We hope that these ideas can get you started as you try to save more money this month!

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