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Top 10 Wedding Nail Designs to Be Inspired By

To make sure everything is perfect on your wedding day, especially your manicure, take a look at these wedding nail designs that will make you feel special. We all know that the wedding is the most important day in a woman’s life. Everyone wants it to be perfect, and the bride wants to look flawless, from top to toe. The bride is the one who will draw everyone’s attention, and not only because she is wearing a wedding dress. All the little details matter, too.

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She needs to be polite and shake hands with every guest. Therefore, her manicure needs to be amazing. Let’s take a look at top 10 wedding nail designs that will make you feel like a queen on your wedding day.

White with a sparkle

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If you want something simple and elegant, then you can definitely choose this nail design. Ombre white nails with some small white rhinestones would do the trick.

French manicure

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A French manicure is elegant and classy. This wedding nail design will add more elegance to your overall look on your wedding day. Applying a thin silver band to separate the white tip from the rest of the nail will add some sparkle to your nails.

Matte nails

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A matte nude nail polish is always a good idea. Therefore, you can confidently use it for your wedding day. You will have a simple manicure to which you can add a lacy pattern, and you are ready. This is a perfect manicure for your big day.

Sparkly nails

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As I previously said, matte nails are always appropriate, irrespective of the occasion. Furthermore, a little bit of sparkle can do no harm. So be confident and add some silver glitter to your nude manicure to complete the picture.

White nails and laces

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The white nail polish will match your white wedding dress. White nails are also classy, and the lacy pattern is so delicate and elegant. This look is spectacular!

White flowers

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You can opt for a simple and matte French manicure with small white flowers to add a little bit of romanticism. Furthermore, using some white rhinestones will definitely enhance your overall look

Glittery nails

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Painting the tip of your nails white and applying more glitter at the root of the nails will offer you an exquisite look. All that glitter will draw everyone’s attention, adding elegance to your overall look.

Nude and white nail polish

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Who said that all your fingernails need to look the same? Experiment and be creative or go to a nail salon to obtain a more spectacular look. You can paint some of your nails with white nail polish and others with nude nail polish. Feel free to add some glitter or draw some nice white patterns.


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This is a spectacular manicure! Pink and white nails polish and a little bit of nail art. Try to be creative and use your imagination to draw some small flowers in bloom.

Roses and white nail polish

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These roses will give you a romantic touch, making your hands look amazing. You do not have to paint the roses. You can use some stickers, and no one will even notice.

Summing up, all these exquisite wedding nails designs will make you feel amazing and special on your big day.

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