The Top 12 Nursing Bras of 2018

nursing bras

Are you currently breastfeeding or breast pumping? Then today's article is for you! We are counting down the best nursing bras on the market today. To read our individual reviews, simply click on the link below in our table. I hope that this article can help you to make a wise decision about the type of nursing bra you should purchase!

Here Are the Top Nursing B​​​​ras of 2018!

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Product Name



nursing bras

HoFish 3Pack Full Bust Seamless Nursing Bras/Bralettes

nursing bras

Lataly Womens Sleeping Nursing Bra Wire-free Breastfeeding Maternity Bralette

nursing bras

Desirelove Nursing Bra Maternity 3 Pack Seamless S-XL With Removable Spill Prevention Pads

nursing bras

SUEKAPHIN 2Pack Nursing Bra Wireless Bra Women's Maternity Bra Breastfeeding Bra

nursing bras

Kindred Bravely French Terry Racerback Nursing Sleep Bra

nursing bras

Motherhood Full Coverage Underwire Nursing Bra

nursing bras

Motherhood Sports Clip Down Nursing Bra

nursing bras

Motherhood Seamless Clip Down Nursing Bra

nursing bras

Motherhood Plus Size Wrap Nursing Bra 

nursing bras

Gratlin Women's Full Support Comfort Plus Size Cotton Maternity Nursing Bra

nursing bras

iLoveSIA 3Pack Women's Seamless Nursing Bra Bralette

nursing bras

CAYKE 3 Pack Women's Maternity Nursing Bra for Sleeping and Breastfeeding

What is a Nursing Bra?

nursing bras

A nursing bra, sometimes also known as a maternity bra, or breastfeeding bra,  is a special type of bra that provides extra support to women who are breastfeeding.  This specialized type of bra is designed to allow breastfeeding to occur without the need for the mother to remove her bra. Nursing bras most often have a flap that can be unlatched to allow the nipple to reach the babies' mouth.  When breastfeeding is finished, the flap can be closed with a hook or clasp. Nursing bras make breastfeeding in public places much easier and discreet.

Tips for using a nursing bra

If you are nursing but have never used a nursing bra, you may not be aware of some tips that may help you find the right one.  Feeling comfortable and also being able to nurse your baby with ease should be two of your top priorities when shopping for a nursing bra.  One little piece of your wardrobe, your nursing bra, can help keep you both comfortable and make nursing simple.  Here are some tips to follow when shopping for a nursing bra.

  1.  Fit - Make sure to get the right size.  You've probably already noticed that your cup size has gone up since your baby was born.  This is because your breasts are now filled with milk.  Your cup size can even change throughout the day depending on if you just nursed as opposed to when your mammary glands are filled with milk.  When shopping for a nursing bra, make sure to get a cup size that will account for when your breasts are large and filled with milk.
  2. Material - It's best to go for stretchy and soft material when looking for a nursing bra.  Lace and scratchy material may irritate already sore nipples. Soft material like stretchy cottons are a better choice.


Differences Between Nursing Bras

Not all nursing bras are created equal. While it is true that you could get away with 1 type of nursing bra for many different types of activities, you may be selling yourself short.  A comfortable nursing bra built for performance, sleep, or everyday activities, can make life simpler and more comfortable. I'll go over the difference between types of nursing bras here.

Sleeping Nursing Bra

A nursing bra for sleeping is going to be flexible and fit loosely.  For the first several months, you will be feeding your newborn around the clock.  Some women choose to not wear any bra when sleeping, while others find that sleeping in a nursing bra is more comfortable.  A sleeping nursing bra will usually crossover in the front. It's made this way so that you don't need uncomfortable hooks while sleeping. Some women like wearing sleeping nursing bras all day long, especially when they are at home.

Everyday Nursing Bra

An everyday nursing bra is a bra made for everyday activities like shopping, wearing around the house, and going out to dinner.

Working Out Nursing Bra

A nursing bra for working out in, is going to give you extra support. Nursing bras that are made for working out, usually have stretchy moisture wicking fabrics that are made to breathe so that you'll stay cooler when you sweat.

How Do Your Breasts Change During Pregnancy?

nursing bras

One of the first tell tale signs of pregnancy is an increase in breast size. If you were a size B-Cup, you may quickly move to a size C-Cup within the first trimester.  Then things slow down as your midsection grows instead of just the cup sizes.  Towards the end of pregnancy, you may notice another increase in breast size growth as your body gets ready for the milk to come in.

When your baby is born, a clear fluid, called colostrum appears.  Colostrum will provide incredible nutrition and antibodies that will help your baby resist diseases in the outside world.

All may be smooth sailing until your milk comes in around day 2 or 3 after your baby is born. This is when you most likely will notice the biggest gain in your breast size.  You may gain another full cup size within a day as your breasts become engorged with milk.

After about a month, the size of your breasts should start to stabilize.  The first month or two you may see large fluctuations of breast sizes, especially between feedings.  If you don't feed your baby frequently enough, your breasts may become engorged with milk. This is a painful state.  Usually, nursing your baby will bring on immediate relief.

General Tips for Breast Pumping

Pumping out your milk is a skill that may take some time to get the hang of.  Make sure to give yourself plenty of practice time before you will need to do it for real.  Before you know it, you will be a pro.  Here are some tips to get you started.

Follow a Set Routine

Follow a set routine including a timed schedule.  Your body will get used to letting down the milk at certain times of the day if you keep yourself on a set schedule.

Think About Your Baby

Think about your baby when you pump.  Visualizing your baby will help to let the milk down more quickly.

Lean Forward

Lean forward while you pump to prevent milk from dripping onto your clothing.

Drink a Full Glass of Water

Drink a full glass or two of water shortly before you pump.  Staying hydrated will help with milk production.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Give yourself plenty of time.  You may want to even try pumping on the lowest pump setting.  Low and slow will help to prevent sore nipples.

Tips for Getting The Right Nursing Bra Size

nursing bras

A bra that fits properly is going to do so much for your overall comfort than one that doesn't fit. Measuring only requires two measurements.  First, measure your rib cage by taking a measuring tape under you arms, (above your breasts). Go all the way around your torso.  This is your rib cage size.  Now measure your cup size by going around your torso, but this time measure going right over both nipples.  The cup measurement with the breasts in it will be larger than the rib cage measurement. Subtract the rib cage measurement from the cup measurement.  Then use this scale: 2=B, 3=C, 4=D, 5=DD, 6=DDD.

Make sure to take measurements when you are close to engorged (before nursing or pumping).  This is when your breasts will be at their largest.  It's better to go for the larger size than a smaller one when it comes to bra comfort.

A wireless bra in general is going to be much more comfortable. Some experts also believe that a wired bra may interfere with milk flow.  Wire fee bras are going to be your best choice for comfort. 

How To Cope With Breast Leakage

nursing bras

A nursing mother may leak milk out at the sound of her baby whimpering or crying. Maternal love  is a powerful thing! This is where nursing pads can come in handy.  Nursing bras are made to carry a nursing pad in them.  Pads can be worn in the cups of the nursing bras to catch the leaked milk so that it doesn't spill out and show on a woman's clothing. 

Other Fitting Considerations

As mentioned above, make sure to take measurements when your breasts are close to engorged (right before nursing).  It's best to go bigger than smaller when buying a nursing bra.

Pros of Using a Nursing Bra Over a Regular Bra

  • A mother can nurse without taking her entire bra off. This is a great feature, especially when in public places.
  • Nursing bras are designed to have room for a nursing pad. Pads can save you from embarrassing leakage issues when in the presence of other people.
  • Nursing bras are made to be flexible and comfortable for fluctuating breast sizes.

Nursing Bra Timeline

nursing bras

You may want to use a nursing bra for the entire time that you are breastfeeding.  So, if you plan to breastfeed for a couple of years or more, don't throw out that nursing bra just yet.  After the first few months of nursing, your breast size should have evened out and not be fluctuating so much. This is a good time to buy another nursing bra if you have a favorite or if the first one is now a bit too big.

Bestseller No. 1
Women's Full Cup Lightly Padded Wirefree Maternity Breastfeeding Nursing Bra Size L, 3PCS/Pack(Pink-Black-Beige)
  • One-hand Access, Adjustable Shoulder Straps, Hook & Eye Closure.Easy drop cups for convenient feeding
  • Seamless, Side Widening, Super Supporting
  • Easy to Size, Removable Molded Foam Cups, 100% Breathable
SaleBestseller No. 2
Lataly Womens Sleeping Nursing Bra Wirefree Breastfeeding Maternity Bralette Color Pack Of 5 Size XL
  • Material:92%Nylon+8%Spandex
  • No underwire and cups that drop fully away from the breast.One-hand Access, Adjustable Shoulder Straps, Hook & Eye Closure.Easy drop cups for convenient feeding, Easy to use and discrete nursing clips.
  • Breathable, ribbed gore stretches to accomodate the normal bust size fluctuations nursing moms experience
SaleBestseller No. 3
Nursing Bra Maternity 3 Pack Seamless with Removable Spill Prevention Pads,L(Fit 36B 36C 32D 30DD 38A 40A 30DDD),Black
  • BREATHABLE AND STRETCHY MATERIAL: 92%Nylon+8%Spandex, this nursing bra fabric is very smooth and gentle to your skin. And the breathable material makes it a good choice for sleeping or lounging.
  • BOTH FOR PREGNANT AND NURSING: This bra is designed both for pregnant and nursing. Full coverage cups and wire free design are remarkably comfortable fit your changing shapes.
  • BUTTERY-SOFT FABRIC: No underwire and cups that drop fully away from the breast. Removable, molded foam cups for a lining when you want it (to hide nipples or breast pads), and the ability to take it out when you don't.
SaleBestseller No. 4
iLoveSIA 3pack Nursing Bra Nude+Black+Light Pink Size XL Fit 38BC 36CD 34D 34DD 32DDD 30F 40B
  • No underwire and cups that drop fully away from the breast. Easy to use and discrete nursing clips, featuring one-handed access.
  • Removable, molded foam cups for a lining when you want it (to hide nipples or breast pads), and the ability to take it out when you don't.
  • Breathable, ribbed gore stretches to accomodate the normal bust size fluctuations nursing moms experience
Bestseller No. 5
HOFISH Women's Push Up Deep V Nursing Bras 3PACK Black,Pink,Beige M
  • The modal material added to the fabric using the latest technology ensures a buttery soft feel of the bras
  • One-hand Access, Adjustable Shoulder Straps, Hook & Eye Closure. Easy drop cups for convenient feeding
  • While the stylish V-neck design makes your breasts more breathable, it keeps them comfy at the same time. The unique push up padding makes the breasts more attractive while giving enough support


As you can see, a nursing bra is an essential for all nursing mothers. It can provide you with comfort, flexibility, discretion, and protection from accidental leakage.  I hope that our article today can help you as you look to purchase your own nursing bra in the future!


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