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The Top Ten Baby Bibs Of 2018

Are you looking for a way to make meal time a little cleaner? Then a bib might be just what you're looking for! Today we are walking through all the features, suggestions, and considerations that go into finding the perfect baby bib for your child. For more in-depth reviews, click on the individual review tab in the table below!

Here Are The Best Bibs of 2018!

Product Image

Product Name




Happy Healthy Parent Waterproof Silicone Bib


Kiddystar Baby Bandana Drool Bibs


green sprouts Stay-dry Infant Bibs


Comcl Baby Bibs Waterproof Silicone Bib


Luvable Friends Layered Flannel Burp Cloths


Gerber Unisex Baby 4 Pack Flannel Burp Cloth


12- Pack Baby Bandana Drool Bibs for Drooling and Teething By Daulia


BABYBJORN Soft Bib, Pink/Green


Bumkins Waterproof Starter Bib 2 Pack


OXO Tot Waterproof Silicone Roll Up Bib with Comfort-Fit Fabric Neck

Different Types of Baby Bibs

Feeding Bibs


A feeding bib is made specifically for feeding time.  They are very large, which prevents food from getting on your baby's clothes.  Some come with a pocket that will catch any food that falls out of your child's mouth.  Bibs with this added pocket not only keep your child's clothing clean, but the floor as well.

Drool Bibs


Drool bibs are much smaller than feeding bibs, which allows your child to wear it throughout the day.  It is designed to catch any spit that your baby may drool.

Long Sleeved Bib ( smock)


A long sleeved bib, unlike a drool or feeding bib, covers the entire body of your baby.  It also covers the arms.  The nice thing about it is that the back does not get tied, so you can easily remove it from your baby if it gets messy.  This kind can also be used to wear when making crafts.

Disposable Bibs


Disposable bibs are made to be thrown away as soon as they get messy.  Although this can get expensive, it will also save you time from washing all the bibs.  Disposable bibs come in a pack, so a box of bibs should last you a while.

Does Your Baby Need A Bib


Almost half of all the babies in the world spit up regularly.  Although all babies are different, it is normal for babies to drool and spit up at a young age.  To prevent their clothes from getting messy (and not to mention it is very uncomfortable to have a wet outfit), you may need to purchase a bib.  Bibs can be very handy, and they are also inexpensive.  Some bibs come in a pack so that you always have a clean bib, even when some are being cleaned.  It would be wise to purchase some, even if you aren't sure if your child needs it.  That way, you can ensure that your child will always stay dry and free from drool.

When/How Long Should Your Baby Use A Bib?


Babies start spitting up from 0 to 3 months old.  Usually when your baby starts to spit up and drool, it is a good time to buy a bib.  Your child can continue to wear the bib as long as you'd like.  Some children wear bibs up to 3 years old.  If your child is a messy eater while eating solid foods, then a bib may work well.

Tips For When Your Baby Drools

Wipe It Away

The best way to prevent your child from drooling all over his clothes is to wipe the drool away.  If your baby is old enough to learn, you may want to teach him how to wipe his own drool.

Have Child Sleep On Their Back

If your child drools throughout the night, this can easily be fixed by changing his sleeping habits.  Have your baby lay on his back instead of to the side. Make sure to have him do this while he takes naps as well.

Have Baby Suck Through Straw

Whenever you give your child a drink, have him suck through a straw.  This is more for older children, rather than babies.  If your child is transitioning to a sippy cup, make sure to buy a cup that has a straw. By sucking through a straw, your child's tongue will become stronger and he should be able to learn how to swallow easily.

Best Fabric For Baby Bibs


Bibs come in many different fabrics.  Some come in cotton, terry cloth, and plastic.  Plastic bibs are easy to wash, but keep in mind that they also have a plastic strap.  The strap can cause irritation, and result in an unhappy baby.  If you notice that your baby is uncomfortable when wearing a plastic bib, it is best to switch to a softer bib.  Below I will go into further detail about each kind.

Different Fabrics For Baby Bibs


As I mentioned above, there are many different kinds of fabrics to choose from.  I'm going to go over the pros and cons for each kind of fabric that is used in baby bibs.


Cotton is a common material that is used, especially if you are making a homemade bib.  Since cotton comes in many different designs, it is common to get a cotton bib.  Cotton, however, is not as absorbent as other fabrics.


Plastic bibs are very common, and can easily be washed.  The price also tends be cheaper than cotton bibs.  A disadvantage is that it has a plastic strap.  This strap has been known to irritate babies, and cause them to not eat their food during meal time.  Plastic bibs are also easy for your child to pull off.

Terry Cloth

Terry cloth is another popular bib.  It is very absorbent, and usually fairly cheap.  There aren't many cons about the terry cloth, for it works well and doesn't irritate the baby.

Things To Consider When Buying A Bib


Neck Room

You will want to make sure that the bib covers up your child's body, but is not too tight.  If your baby was born at a heavier weight, then don't buy newborn bibs.  Instead, buy a bib that is larger. The only negative is that your baby will have to grow into it.


Consider your budget while shopping for bibs.  There are many adorable bibs out there, but those usually have a bigger price tag.  Think about if you are willing to purchase a more expensive bib, or if you are looking for a cheap and simple bib.

How To Compare Baby Bibs



When storing bibs, you will want to fold them as much as they allow you to.  Because all bibs are unique and different, you will want to compare the foldability with other bibs.  Bibs can also make a great addition to your diaper bag, so find a bib that folds into a compact size.

The Size

All sizes are different on bibs.  You will want to compare the sizes on bibs, and see which one will fit your child the best.  Also make sure that the bib is comfortable on your baby.

Ease of Cleaning

When comparing bibs, you will want to see which one is easier to clean.  Common ways to clean a bib is to hand wash it, wipe it down, machine wash it, and put it in the dishwasher.  Consider which style of cleaning will fit your needs.

The Style

There are so many bib styles out there that are both functional and adorable.  Some have sayings on them, some have hearts, and for some you can have your child's picture put on it. Remember that although the main purpose for a bib is to eliminate mess, it can also be a fun experience picking out bibs.

How Many Bibs Will You Need?


It is common for babies to spit up a lot.  To prevent soggy clothes, you will want to have plenty of bibs available.  It is recommended for breastfed babies to have at least 10 bibs. For bottle fed babies, it is recommended to have 15 to 20 bibs.  Unless you will have the washing machine constantly going, you will want as many bibs as you can get.

Tips For Keeping Feeding Times Cleaner


Use a Mat or Smooth Surfaced Floor

To prevent food from getting all over your floor, have your child eat over a hard surfaced floor.  If this is not possible, then consider putting a mat underneath where your child will be eating.

Dress Your Child For Success

Before your child eats his meal, dress him for it.  Have him wear clothes that you don't mind getting messy.  Have him wear a bib as well.  If it will be warm out, consider having your child just wear his diaper.  The less clothes that are on him, the less that will get messy.

Recommended Best-Sellers

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As you can see, a baby bib can make your life as a parent immensely easier. I hope that this article can help you to better understand what to look for in a bib. Best of luck!

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