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The Top Ten Online Dating Apps of 2018

It's a human condition to want to love and be loved.  Many wonderful people that have so much to offer another person are walking around lonely while waiting and hoping Mr. or Mrs. Right walks by.  Instead of waiting for that chance meeting or what some call fate, people are taking matters in their own hands and being proactive by actively searching for a companion using a dating app.  I will go over the specifics of how to pick and use a dating app.  I also will talk about if this route is even right for you or not.

Here Are the Best​​​​ Online Dating Apps of 2018

The Top Ten Dating Apps

Coffee Meets Bagel

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You will get to view six people a day that you may be interested in on Coffee Meets Bagel. This app gives ice breakers to get conversations started which is nice.  A con is that people that you passed on, can still continue to see your profile which can get awkward.


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You will be able to see a lot of people and you may get lots of people swiping and liking your profile.  A con is that this app is known for quick hookups and not genuine relationships.


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Women need to contact the men that they are interested in on the Bumble App.  Unfortunately, you have a limited time to contact someone back so time is of the essence.


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This app gives a very detailed description of each person.  Though it's nice to be able see all that you can about a person, you may weed out someone because of a detail you may not like, when they actually may be a good match for you.


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This app let's you know when you are crossing paths with someone in close proximity to your location.  A downside is that this app can make people feel insecure about other people knowing exactly where they are.  The app uses a GPS and shows your location which can get unsafe.

Plenty of Fish

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As the name suggests, you will get lots of people who you can choose to interact with.  But some feel like the profile is too long to fill out, much like a long job application.


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This app uses Facebook and tries to connect you to people with mutual friends.  A con is that it can get awkward if it doesn't work out and now you have mutual friends involved.

dating apps has both free and premium levels of membership.  A pro is that you can see detailed information about a lot of people.  A con is that if you message a person you are interested in, they may not see it unless they are paid up.


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This dating app connects you to people with similar interests.  A disadvantage to this app is just because you have a similar interests doesn't mean that you have any chemistry.

How About We

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This modern dating app gives users the ease of not having to worry about what to do on that first date. When you sign up, with your profile, you add a line, "How about we.." Then you put an activity that you would like to do with someone on a first date. For example, "How about we go to the zoo and get ice cream." 

Should You Try Online Dating?

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Online dating used to have more of a stigma attached to it.  Now, it's used by people openly who aren't as afraid to share that they are trying online dating.  If you are wanting a relationship but aren't have success, why not give it a try?  If you don't like it or feel uncomfortable, there is no obligation, and you can get off the app anytime.

Pros and Cons To Online Dating

Online dating offers a lot of advantages and disadvantages.  I'll go over some of them here.

  • check
    Helps you to find and meet new people
  • check
    There are a lot of apps to choose from
  • Some people lie on their profile
  • Some dating apps can cost money

How To Sign Up For A Dating App

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All dating apps are different, and therefore may ask different questions. Most dating apps, however, will ask for your email and your password (you will need to create a password).  For further information, you can look up the dating app and answer the questions that the site asks.

Tips For Choosing The Right App

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Decide if You Want to Pay or Not

Some apps are free, while others are not.  Decide if you are willing to pay, or if you want to go with a free site.

Try Different Apps

Each app is different, and will have a different setup.  You may need to try several dating apps before you find the one that you are comfortable with.

If Signing Up Takes a While, the Site Might Not Be For You

If you are having trouble signing up, or if it is taking too long, the site may not be what you are looking for.  If it asks you lots of questions while signing up, it may be a sign that it will be slow in the future.  Unless the app is a popular app, or one that you personally like, try to avoid apps that take too long to set up.

Good Things To Keep In Mind For The First Date

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Meet In a Public Place

For your first date, you will want to meet in a public place.  A restaurant or coffee shop are good places to try, since there are usually a lot of people.  Avoid going on your date late in the day, since not as many people might be around.

Don't Share All of Your Personal Information

On your first date, you will want to stay safe and not give out all your personal information.  Don't give a date your address, and don't tell him all about yourself.  Since people can lie about themselves on a dating app, it is important to stay safe.

Tell Someone Where You Will Be

In case your date were to take a turn for the worst, it is best to have someone know where you will be.  Tell a close friend or family member the place where you are meeting, and what time you will be there.  Make sure that person, as well as yourself, has a charged phone.  To be extra safe, you may want to bring someone along, or have a friend meet you there.  That way your friend can also tell you what they think of him.

General Cost For A Dating App

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All dating apps are different, and therefore have different costs.  Some are free, and others cost money.  I'm going to write about the two different kinds (free apps and apps that cost money), which will hopefully help you decide which kind will work best for you.

Dating Apps That Cost Money

Dating apps that have fees usually have you pay monthly fees.  Some are cheap, at only a few dollars a month, while others are around $75 a month.  Each app is different, so don't expect each app to have the same price.

Dating Apps That Are Free

Dating apps that are free are very popular, and are enjoyed by many.  Some dating apps, such as, will give you a couple days to try out the app for free, and if you like it you will start paying monthly fees.


I've gone over the basics of online dating apps.  Remember if you don't like a certain app, you can always switch to a different one.  Whichever app you try, always be safe and follow the guidelines I went over for going on your first in person dates.  Good luck!

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