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Top Wedding Trends of 2018

When planning your wedding, you have a lot of things to keep in mind, including the latest wedding fashion trends. The wedding trends of 2018 are full of classy looks and fun edges. Listed below are the top trending wedding themes of 2018 that have a look that will be on trend for years to come.

1. Minimalistic Decor

This wedding trend is great because it adds a classy look to your wedding while saving you money on wedding decor at the same time. You can implement this trend anywhere throughout your wedding, including the ceremony and the reception. A minimalist decor trend can also become the theme of you wedding, simple yet stylish.

2. Two Piece Wedding Dresses

Two piece wedding dresses are taking the wedding scene by storm this year with its eccentric, daring look. These wedding dresses are surprisingly versatile in the styles they come in and are able to look classy for the ceremony and more chill for the reception. This beautiful 2016 trend will sure to blow your guests minds as they see you walking gracefully down the aisle in your trendy gown.

3. Bejeweled Headpieces

This feminine, sophisticated look will bring a softer touch to your wedding and will compliment your wedding dress beautifully. Headpieces come in all different styles to match every bride and her style. They are also look good on every head shape and hair style which makes them very complementary. Add some bling to your wedding with these sparkly headpieces.

4. Weekend-Long Wedding

A weekend long wedding is a great way to carry out a destination wedding for all of your friends and family. You can include fun events for everyone to go to during the weekend before the wedding that will be full of ample opportunities for bonding. Offer a mini-vacation to your friends and family with a weekend long wedding at a special location.

5. Bold Colors

Be bold with your color choices when it comes to your bouquet and bridesmaids dresses. This wedding trend helps add a pop of color to every aspect of your wedding. The options are endless with where you want to include bold colors, and if you don’t want your wedding to look like a rainbow threw up on it, you can opt for a more subtle option of just applying bold colors in low key ways.

6. Fruit and Flowers

Who knew that fruit and flowers mixed together could create such a beautiful thing? By putting together contrasting colors, your centerpieces will stand out and will make your tables look complete. Partake in this wedding trend and your wedding will stand out from all of the rest.

7. Wine Smoothies

Wine smoothies are delicious and on the rage, especially if your wedding falls on a hot summer day. These are great refreshments and add a fun, laid-back twist to your wedding. You can easily find recipes for these on Pinterest that will be easy to execute. Wine smoothies are a fun option of refreshment to offer your guests and will assure that they won’t get too turnt.

8. Floral Bridesmaid Dresses

Floral bridesmaids dresses are a chic way of including the 2016 wedding trend into your big day. The dresses will make your wedding dress stand out in all of your wedding photos. Your bridesmaids will also thank you because they will be able to wear their beautiful dresses again and again after your big day.

9. Non-Alcoholic Bars

Non-alcoholic wedding bars are great for a reception and cost half the price of serving alcohol. The options are endless for what kind of bar you want. Some examples are waffle bars, candy bar, or even a baked potato bar! A non-alcoholic bar is a fun touch that will save you a lot of money and keep you on trend with the 2016 weddings.

10. Macaroon Cake

A Blair Waldorf worthy cake that is full of macaroons is a trend that is slowly becoming more and more popular in 2016. This is a fun alternative to a traditional wedding cake that will be easy for your guests to eat as finger food.  A sophisticated, preppy touch to your wedding, a macaroon cake will wow your guests because of how different and original it is.

The 2016 trends are ones that will add a timeless touch to all of your wedding photos. They will also individualize your wedding and add creative touched to it.  These trends are super fun to apply to any wedding and don’t require a lot of extra time for prepping. Implement these trends with ease while planning your wedding day.

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