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How To Transition Your Decorations From Halloween To Thanksgiving

Now that Halloween is over, you will need to start decorating your home for Thanksgiving.  However, this task is easier said than done.  The process of taking down all the Halloween decorations can take a while, and it can take even longer to set up your Thanksgiving decorations.  In this article, I'll be going over some tips to help you transition your decorations from Halloween to Thanksgiving while combining the task.  With the proper tips, you can easily decorate your home for Thanksgiving in no time.  So, let's get started.

Work With What You Have

Before you begin taking down all your Halloween decorations, consider working with what you have.  I'm sure you have some extra pumpkins that you didn't carve into jack o'lanterns.  If all your pumpkins are jack o'lanterns, consider turning them so that the jack o'lantern face is not seen.  By doing this, you are saving money from having to buy more pumpkins.

Get Rid Of Spooky Decorations

Most people decorate for Halloween with spooky decorations.  That is fine for Halloween, but Thanksgiving is not a spooky time of year.  That means that you have to pack away all the spooky decorations that you decorated your house with.

Add Signs With Sayings

Such sayings could include "Thankful" or "Count Your Blessings".  By adding these signs, you are officially getting your house ready for Thanksgiving.  A chalkboard is a good way to display sayings because each year you can write something different.  You could even write something different on the board each week.  Nothing stops you from being creative with a chalkboard.

Candles, Candles Everywhere!

Even if you kept candles out all year long, now is the time to go crazy with candles. Something about candles adds a fall look to a room.  A great place to put candles is at the center of your table.  You can also add candles to your shelves, coffee tables, and desks.

Add A Little Christmas Coloring, But Not Too Much

After Thanksgiving, Christmas is the next big holiday that everyone will be looking forward to.  Although you want to decorate for Thanksgiving, it is ok to add a little Christmas color to your house decor.  For example, add a Christmassy cover onto your couch, and add some red flowers to the room.  By decorating with a few Christmas coloring and decorations, you are preparing your home for the next big holiday.  Although you will still have some Christmas decorating to do, you'll mostly have to throw the pumpkins away and keep the other decorations up.  Just make sure you don't go overboard with the Christmas colors.  After all, you are decorating for Thanksgiving.

Keep the Apples, Acorns, and Pinecones Out

There is a good chance that you decorated your home with apples, acorns, and pinecones this Halloween.  If you did, I am happy to tell you that those decorations can stay out for the next holiday.  What's nice about Halloween and Thanksgiving is that they are both during the harvest season.  Both of them are full of fall colors, which makes it easy to transition your home from Halloween to Thanksgiving.

And what about when Christmas comes?  Feel free to keep the pinecones out for yet another holiday.  They may even look good for New Year's Day.  But back to Thanksgiving decorating.  Like I mentioned earlier, work with what you have.  Instead of packing away all your Halloween decorations, first, check to see if you can use any of them for Thanksgiving.

Bring Out the Fall Wreaths

Decorate your porch (and even indoors too) with fall wreaths.  You may have used fall wreaths to decorate for Halloween, so in that case, just leave the wreaths up.  If not, you can easily find fall wreaths at stores this time of year.  However, if you are feeling creative you may want to make your own wreath.  Here's how to make a basic fall wreath.

How To Make a Fall Wreath

  1. First, you'll need to buy a twig wreath.  Twig wreaths can easily be found on Amazon.  This twig wreath here is a good option.
  2. Take some faux greenery and flowers, and begin inserting them on the wreath.  To make them more secure, glue them on with hot glue.  Arrange the flowers and greenery however you'd like.  As you can see in the photo below, the person who made this wreath only put decorations on one side of the wreath.  This makes it unique.
  3. Here comes the easy part:  glue on any fall decorations you'd like.  Such decorations could include acorns, pinecones, and mini pumpkins.  If you want your wreath to be exactly like the image below, you'll also want to add some dried oranges to your wreath.  You can dry the oranges yourself, or you can buy fake oranges.  Either way works!
  4. After gluing the decorations onto your wreath, you are done!  Hang it up on your door or wherever else you want fall colors.

This is just one of the many fall wreaths you can make.  Some people make wreaths out of apples, burlap, and even paper.  Click here to be inspired by the many different types of fall wreaths you can make.

Image Source: Artsy Chicks Rule

Don't Over-Decorate the Table

Remember that the table is where people will gather to eat for Thanksgiving.  Leave enough room for dishes, silverware, and, of course, the Thanksgiving turkey.  Although decorating the table with lots of decorations can look nice, it looks just as good when you keep things simple.  Instead of loading the table with decorations, consider adding one fall centerpiece.  People will be able to admire the one fall decoration more than they would be able to if they had to look at each decoration you put out.  Skip the cluttered look this year and choose one fall centerpiece you love.

Get Rid Of the Orange and Black Decorations

It is ok to keep some orange decorations out for Thanksgiving, but black and orange decorations resemble Halloween too much.  So if you painted a pumpkin black and orange, it is best to put it away.

Decorate With Fruit

You may be surprised with how fruit can make your house look decorated for Thanksgiving. This is probably because Thanksgiving is around the time when fruits are being harvested. It looks festive when there is a jar of fruit on the table, whether it is apples, oranges, peaches, or pears.  It may look nice if you put the fruit in a rustic fall basket.  Are you worried about the fruit rotting before Thanksgiving?  Consider decorating with artificial fruit.

Add A Fall Tablecloth To the Table

A fall tablecloth can be a nice addition to your table.  Fall tablecloths come in many different patterns.  You can choose tablecloths with turkeys, leaves, acorns, and more.  You may even want a tablecloth with a simple checkered pattern that has fall colors.

Remove the Candy Corn From Jars and Replace Them With Acorns Or Pinecones

There is a good chance that you decorated your home with jars of candy corn for Halloween.  Well, now is the time to get rid of the candy corn and fill the jars up with acorns or pinecones.  Consider adding some berries into the jar as well.  Basically, anything that speaks fall can be placed in a jar and used as a centerpiece.

Add Some Fall-Colored Pillows

Get your couches ready for Thanksgiving by adding some fall-colored pillows.  You can even make your own by taking felt that is cut into leaf shapes, and sewing or gluing it onto your pillows.  Another way to re-decorate the pillows you have is to dye them so that they have fall colors.

Decorate With A Faux Leaf Garland

Sometimes all you need is a faux leaf garland to decorate your home for Thanksgiving. What's nice about a garland is that it can be used almost anywhere.  You can decorate your table with it, you can put it on shelves, or you can hang it from the ceiling.  You can easily make your own leaf garland by taking fake leaves and gluing them onto the ribbon.

Don't Forget To Plant Mums

You may have decorated your home with mums for Halloween.  If not, it is still not too late to plant some mums for Thanksgiving.  Mums actually do well in cold weather, so it is fine to leave them outdoors this fall.  However, it may look nice to decorate the inside of your home with a pot of mums.  Many people choose to be creative and place a jar of mums inside a pumpkin.

Final Thoughts

Now that Halloween is over, it is the perfect time to start decorating for Thanksgiving. Today I went over some basic tips for transitioning your decorations from Halloween to Thanksgiving.  The most important tip is to remove all spooky and orange/black decorations.  Such decorations resemble Halloween too much.  As for Thanksgiving, feel free to decorate with leaves, fall wreaths, turkeys, fruit, mums, and acorns, and so much more.  Be creative!  And most importantly, have fun and be grateful this Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving will come and go so fast, so enjoy every moment of it.

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