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9 Ways To Treat Pregnancy Headaches Naturally

If you’ve ever dealt with a headache before, the chances are that you may pop some over the counter pills to take away the pain.  While this may have worked before becoming pregnant, pill popping with a tiny infant on board can be dangerous.  To make matters worse, headaches are a common side effect of pregnancy.  So what’s a woman to do?  I’m glad you asked.  I’ll go over some healthy ways to treat headaches during pregnancy.  But before we get to remedies, let’s see if we can find out what’s causing the headaches.  Eliminating the cause will also remove the headaches.


Staying well hydrated is always important for all people.  But if you are pregnant, it’s especially important not to become dehydrated.  Dehydration can lead to headaches.  So consider a headache an important warning sign to drink extra water just to be safe.  If drinking water does not make a headache subside, then let’s read on to see if we can identify what else could be causing this head pain.


If you are on any medication while pregnant, you probably already talked to your doctor about it.  Even if your doctor is aware of your medication, experiencing a headache is a cause for concern.  Make sure to let your doctor know that you are having headaches.  He or she may be able to prescribe you an alternate form of medication.  Many types of medications have side effects that include headaches.  Thankfully, there are often other forms of medicines to try.

Natural Treatments


A massage from your spouse can do wonders for a headache.  This form of natural treatment is especially effective if a headache is caused by stress.  Make sure to find a calm place without a lot of distractions for a massage.

Cold or Warm Compress

Try placing a cold or warm compress on your forehead.  Feel free to experiment with both temperatures to find one that works best for you. And if you like both equally, there is nothing wrong with alternating between the two for the duration of your headache.

Soft Music or Silence

Sometimes just calming the atmosphere down with some soothing music or even silence can help clear out a headache.  Loud noises cause some headaches.  Eliminating those loud sounds and replacing them with softer sounds may help with your headache.

Warm Bath or Shower

Try taking a warm bath or shower.  Sometimes this can bring on relaxation to the point of sleep when you get out of the bath or shower.  It’s hard to have both sleep and a headache going on at the same time.  Try seeing if you can fall asleep after a relaxing bath or shower.


What a wondrous plant lavender is.  The essential oil from the lavender buds can help bring on relaxation.  A natural enemy of a headache is relaxation, so strive to relax by smelling some lavender.

Running Water

If you live by a creek, you are blessed indeed.  The sound of running water has been known as a natural relaxant for centuries.  If you don’t have natural running water, take a bath while starting with no water in the tub and remain there until it’s time to turn the water off.  Many people turn on a tub and walk out of the bathroom and come back in when it’s filled.  Instead remain in the bathroom and enjoy the soothing sound of the water.  It can do wonders for a headache.

Dark or Dimmed Room

Try turning off or turning down the lights if your headache hits during evening hours.  For a daytime headache, try pulling the shade or closing the drapes.  Light can make a headache worse, so try to tone down the amount of light in your environment.


Unless you are experiencing an excruciating migraine, you might want to try exercising.  Exercise can release endorphins which in return has the potential to block pain, hence making you feel better.

Take a Nap

If possible, try to take a nap.  A midday power nap can do wonders for a headache.  If you are a mother of young children or work during the day, try to think of creative ways to sneak in a nap.  Can you lay down on the couch with your kids around you?  Or what about asking your boss for a 20 minute shut-eye time in your office or vehicle?  You may be surprised that some supervisors understand and care about you and your baby’s health during pregnancy.

Final Thoughts

Pregnancy can be filled with uncomfortableness.  The extra weight can put pressure on your lower back while your tummy may be experiencing nausea all day long.  Headaches are another malady of some pregnancies.  I hope that some of these natural remedies may help you next time you get a headache.  Always remember to talk to your doctor if you experience headaches during pregnancy.  Headaches can be a sign of preeclampsia, dehydration, and more.  Do not take a headache during pregnancy lightly.  Get it checked out first by your doctor.  Then try some of these natural remedies if your headaches are not a sign of something more serious. Best of luck!

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