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The Newest Wedding Trend: Dyed Wedding Dresses

The newest trend that brides everywhere are falling in love with is dip dyed wedding gowns. This is a great way for brides to display their colorful personality and style. A trend like this one is fun to incorporate in your wedding to add something stylish and different to your ceremony and reception. It will be an element that no one, besides your bridal party, will be expecting. Catch your guests off guard and stun them by implementing this new fashion trend on your wedding day. Here are some dresses to inspire you and help you decide which color is the right one for you.

Multi-Colored Dip

If your want your bold, crazy personality to be displayed in the colors chosen for your dress, this multi-colored dip dye dress is the absolute best choice for you to make. By choosing your favorite colors to be on the hem of your dress, your dress will become a work of art that you will want to treasure forever and ever. Because of the way that your dress will be dip dyed, you will have to start with a lighter color which will eventually fall darker towards the bottom. This multi-colored dress will make a statement and make your guests gawk at your beauty.

Ombré Dip

An ombré wedding gown is a gorgeously subtle way to include color in your wedding dress. It can be a classic, tinted color for your ceremony and then once the reception comes, bam, theres a pop of color underneath. You can ombré with virtually any color, so the color opportunities are endless for you.  Wow your friends and family with this bold, yet soft, choice in wedding gown decor.

Bright Dip

Choosing one bright color for your dip dye dress  is going to add excitement and energy to your wedding day automatically. Get creative with your color choice by choosing a bright gold, fuchsia, or violet to make your dress truly one-of-a-kind. Due to your bright choice of color in dip dye, make sure to not overdue your jewelry by choosing simplistic accessories.

Light Dip

A light grey, light blue, or any pastel color will add a delicate touch to your gown. This type of dip dye will go well with any kind of fabric that your dress is made of, but it looks especially beautiful with lace and tulle wedding gowns. Light colors are great if you are planning a vintage or chic wedding. This dip dye will draw attention to the dress, but more importantly it will draw attention to you and your flawlessness on your wedding day.

Complete Dip

Deciding to completely dip dye your dress from the torso down is an alluring choice. If you choose this option, be sure to not choose a bright color which can overpower the fact that you are wearing a wedding dress. There is a fine line here of turning your dress into a breath-taking gown or turning it into an extremely expensive prom dress. Colors we recommend are grey, tiffany blue, or a pastel pink. These colors will keep the bridal theme without overpowering the white details of your dress.

Deciding to dip dye your dress is a major decision, so be confident in it before you make the big decision. This fashion trend is one of our favorites because of how vibrant it makes your wedding day. Take part in this trend whole heartedly and enjoy the ride that is full of compliments and adoration.

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