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Tropical Honeymoons that Make You Want to Skip the Wedding

For a moment pretend that you are at a beach on a tropical island. You hear the sound of the ocean waves as they flow in and out, you feel a soft breeze cool you off as you sit in the sunshine. Everything in this moment is perfect. Did you enjoy this experience? Then a tropical honeymoon destination may be where you want to travel with your new spouse after your wedding. Now that you have decided that a tropical destination is what you crave, here are a couple of suggestions on where to go.

Hawaii’s Big Island

Hawaii Big Island


Who has never wanted to go on a trip to Hawaii? As one of Hawaii’s most popular traveling destinations, the Big Island has tons to offer you and your new spouse on your honeymoon. There are many activities to do there like going on a volcano tour, flying in a helicopter over the island, and visiting the drop-dead gorgeous beaches. These are just a few of the activities that the Big Island has to offer you. A honeymoon trip here can be great for couples who love adventure and exploring. Whether you plan on spending your honeymoon working on your tan or exploring the forests and waterfalls, you will be sure to enjoy your vacation at the Big Island.

Beautiful Bali

One of Indonesia’s islands, Bali is a beautiful island that is full of history. Nicknamed the “Island of the Gods”, Bali has beautiful scenery that is of an ancient world. Rich with tradition, you will be able to see the culture of Bali in everyone you meet. When in Bali, be sure to take advantage of all of the museums and animal sanctuaries. Bali also offers beautiful beaches and perfect summer weather. A honeymoon here would result in learning and being apart of the Bali culture and spending lots of time sunbathing on the beach. Bali is the perfect place to spend your honeymoon if you are the type of couple who loves learning about ancient history and culture.

Jammin’ Jamaica

Jamaica is an island that is full of culture and music. When visiting Jamaica, you will be able to be apart of many different activities that will be offered to you. On your visit you can go on adventures by swinging through the trees on a canopy tour, going on horseback rides on the beach at sunset, and go snorkeling in Montego Bay in search of fish. When honeymooning in Jamaica, be sure to take in their culture which is full of music, literature, and delicious cuisine. Whether you are a huge fan of Bob Marley or simply love the culture and values found in the people of Jamaica, put Jamaica at the top of your list of places for you and your new spouse to honeymoon together.

Phuket Thailand


Phuket, Thailand

Whose name literally means “jewel of the mountain”, Phuket is a breath-taking destination that has a lot to offer you and your spouse on your honeymoon. You guys can spend your days visiting Paradise beach and then go to a traditional Thai meal in the evening or even going to a crocodile farm and seeing them right in front of you. Phuket is also known for it’s friendly residents who speak English and love it when tourists speak a hint of Thai. When honeymooning, be sure to take time to go on tours to see all of the waterfalls and wildlife that this Thai Island has to offer. Phuket, Thailand is the perfect  place to experience the beauty and awe of nature.

Spectacular Saint John

Located in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Saint John is known for its pure white sandy beaches. Two-thirds of Saint John is considered a national park, so there is plenty of beautiful wildlife and nature for you and  your spouse to explore on your honeymoon. You guys can also take a day out sailing around the Virgin Islands and taking snorkeling stops on the way. The locals at Saint John are friendly and will be able to recommend a good place for you two to dine at a local restaurant. Saint John has so much to offer you and your new spouse and will be sure to give you memories that you two will treasure for the rest of your lives.

No matter where you and the love of your life decide to honeymoon, you will be sure to have a blast. A tropical honeymoon is the best type of honeymoon to go on because you can both relax and do active things together while still enjoying the atmosphere and culture of where you are. Along with vacationing everywhere else, be sure to stay safe,be prepared, and plan in advance in order to make your honeymoon one of the best weeks of your life.


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