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The Ultimate Guide To Organic Prenatal Vitamins

It’s always important to take care of your body.  When you become pregnant, it becomes even more so important.  You will be growing and nourishing a whole new human being inside of you when you are pregnant.  Also, that baby will also be taking much of what used to be your nourishment alone.  It is easy to become malnourished during pregnancy if you don’t take prenatal vitamins.  Both you and your baby could suffer the effects of not getting essential nutrients.  I’m going to go over some basics of organic prenatal vitamins including some good brands to try.

Why You Need Prenatal Vitamins

Here is a rundown of some of the vitamins and minerals found in organic prenatal vitamins.

Vitamin A –Helps form your baby’s brain, eyes, and respiratory system.

Vitamin B1 –Supports the nervous system.

Vitamin B2– Helps support baby’s eye and skin development.

Vitamin B3– Improves digestion and helps to decrease nausea.

Vitamin B5 –Helps ease leg cramps.

Vitamin B6– Forms red blood cells.

Vitamin B7– Helps with energy.

Vitamin B9– Folate/Folic Acid prevents neural tube defects and spina bifida.

Vitamin B12– Helps with blood formation. It helps prevent congenital disabilities involving the spine and central nervous system.

Vitamin C– Helps your body absorb iron.

Vitamin D– Helps to strengthen your baby’s bones and teeth.  Also, helps your body to utilize Calcium and Phosphorus.

Vitamin E– Aids in metabolism. May reduce miscarriages.

Vitamin K– Supports bone formation, blood clotting, and healing.

Calcium– Aids in healthy bone development.

Copper– Helps the body store iron.

Iron– Aids in the transportation of oxygen in the blood.

Iodine– Aids in proper thyroid function, metabolism, and fetal growth including hearing.

Magnesium– Helps with blood pressure and infant birth weight.

Zinc– Balances fluids in your body. Supports muscle and nerve formation.  Helps to keep copper in balance.

Why Organic Prenatal Vitamins Versus Synthetic?

The majority of prenatal vitamins that you will find at most drug stores are synthetic.  They often contain a complete spectrum of nutrients. Because they are made in laboratories, they lack phytonutrients that help your body best absorb the vitamin.

Synthetic vitamins are often nutritionally inferior to organic vitamins.  Synthetic vitamins can cause digestive distress and issues including vitamin toxicity.  Many problems such as kidney stones, stroke, and death can be traced to an overdose of synthetic vitamins.

Organic Vitamins

The only disadvantage to organic prenatal vitamins is that they are more expensive than synthetic vitamins.  But because they are more absorbable and overall safer than synthetic vitamins, it is definitely worth the higher price.

Best Organic Vitamin Brands

Here are some popular organic vitamin brands that you may want to try:

New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Vitamin

This prenatal vitamin contains no added sugars.  It is organic and all natural.  This vitamin is a complete prenatal vitamin. It is made from whole-food ingredients.  In addition to other foods, New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Vitamin include kale, broccoli, and cauliflower.  It is the first prenatal vitamin that was made from certified organic vegetables and herbs.  This prenatal vitamin is non-GMO, vegetarian, kosher, gluten-free, sugar-free, and contains no animal gelatins.  New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Vitamin contains no synthetic fillers.

Garden of Life Prenatal Vitamin

Garden of Life Prenatal Vitamin is a specially formulated women’s multivitamin.  These vitamins are made from whole organic foods.  Garden of Life Prenatal Vitamin is a prenatal vitamin that is designed for pre-conception, pregnancy all the way through childbirth into lactation.

This prenatal multivitamin contains 18mg iron and 800mg Folate which helps to prevent birth defects.  One pill will deliver 21 essential vitamins and minerals plus organic ginger and organic peppermint that helps to fight nausea.  

Garden of Life Prenatal Vitamin is certified organic, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and contains no synthetic fillers.


I hope that this brief guide to organic prenatal vitamins helps you make some smart choices when it comes to picking a prenatal vitamin.  Many women have switched to organic prenatal vitamins instead of synthetic.  Although research is not conclusive, it is leaning towards the benefits of organic over synthetic.  When it comes to you and your baby’s health, it’s best to play it safe.  The choice is yours. I hope that this article helps you make that choice easier.

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