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4 Reasons VivaRoses Can Help Meet Your Flower Needs

Want the best roses?

What woman doesn’t love roses? Let’s face it, we love to receive roses on anniversaries, birthdays, and just for every day. But how do you know where to go to get quality roses?

A couple of weeks ago, OurStart was sent VivaRoses to try out. VivaRoses is a rose farm that has been a family business for generations. These aesthetically pleasing roses all began with an epic quest for love that took place in Ecuador. A man fell in love with a woman in his colony and went on an epic adventure to win her affection, this, of course, ended when he found the perfect rose.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the same love story that caused me to receive my first order of VivaRoses. I think the whole office might have thought that I got a boyfriend over night, but it was worth it to receive these gorgeous petals. But who says you have to be engaged or have a man to receive beautiful roses? Who says your boyfriend can’t get you roses just because? So pull your husband or significant other over to the computer screen while we unpack four reasons to order VivaRoses!

1. To Celebrate Everyday

I hate that people don’t just send me roses on a regular basis and I am sure that you feel the same way. Flowers don’t need to just be for when you get a job promotion, get engaged, or on exceptional occasions. They can just be because you want to brighten someone’s mundane day. And as you can see by the photos we shot below; they definitely brightened my day.

2. They Smell Amazing

These roses literally showered my office and desk in a delicious fragrance for a week and a half. Who doesn’t want to literally wake up and smell the roses?

3. They Will Give Any Room A Pop Of Color

Is your office gray and dull? Are you sick of the gray weather outside that is signaling the end of summer? Then why not get some colorful roses to change that? From crimson red to bright pink to vibrant blue, they have every color you could ever want a rose to come in. And it automatically makes you cheerful to have roses in a vase on your desk when you come in on a gross morning.

4. So Many Photo Opportunities

As you can see below, we had a little too much fun having a photo shoot with these roses. But why not get out of your Instagram slump with some beautiful pictures? The possibilities are endless, but we have some different options you can try below.

To check out and purchase these amazing roses, you can check them out here!









Be sure to check these roses out at VivaRoses!



Disclaimer: I received these roses for free from VivaRoses.  All of the opinions stated above are my own.

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