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The Bridesmaids Shall Not Look Better Than The Bride!

A lot of the times, brides assume that because they are the bride, they are the only ones that should look good. But no… In fact, if your bridesmaids don’t look great, you have them wearing ridiculous outfits, or they just look uncomfortable, you have a problem.

Just like when a house in your neighborhood doesn’t have the same feel or look as yours, when you try to sell your home, the house that isn’t up to par affects your homes value. Don’t be that bride that makes your girls look like this….


If your dress has any sort of movement… That isn’t natural… You may have an issue. You and your guests will more than likely focusing the attention on the moving dress more than the actual ceremony!

No… Just No…

86 anything that looks like it was made by a third grader. You’ll have these photos forever and you don’t want poorly made dresses!

Let’s Match The Drapes!

This isn’t Gone With The Wind, you surely have better options than “matching the curtains”!

Too Many Layers

Layers can be pretty, but not when it looks like you’re wrapped in a bed sheet.

Is That A Dress or Chewbacca?

I am all for Star Wars, but this just goes a little too far! If I were the bride, I would want my guests to look at me and not the Chewbacca next to me!

Shall We Become The Tooth Fairy

If your dress looks like you are trying to play a part in the mythical character line up, you may have an issue.

Ballerina Gone Bad

This isn’t a ballet… This is a wedding. You may have a theme, but you don’t have to show it off through your bridesmaids.

Skiing In The Alps

Why? What possibly possessed this bride to assemble her girls in this attire?

Accordion To The Bridesmaids…

Apparently this bridesmaid will also be doing double duty as she will be responsible for the music too!

Have your girls on the same level as you. Your maids will not be “prettier” than you. But your guests will notice them if they look anything like these girls! You and your girls will look beautiful (as long as they don’t wear dresses like these) on your big day!  Happy planning and plan nicely!

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