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These Ultimate Five Tips Will Give You Less Stress While Wedding Planning

What can we say about wedding planning other than it can be stressful? There are many things you need to get done before your big day arrives, not including the day to day activities outside of planning your wedding. More than likely you’re working full time and trying to maintain your social life too. Combat the stress of wedding planning.

Make A List

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Make a list and check it twice. This works for the jolly man that delivers presents at Christmas time. Running through your list twice works.

Be sure that you are constantly adding tasks to your list and constantly checking off completed items. If multiple people are helping you, try an app, such as Wunderlist, to share your list with everyone that needs access to it. Wunderlist allows everyone to check off items from lists you’ve shared. How cool is this?

Be Nice To Your Wallet

Know your wallet’s limits. One of the main stressors in any relationship, other than lack of communication, is money… or lack thereof. After you’ve made your list, see what fits in your budget and what doesn’t. This is a great way to cross things off or find alternatives for things you’d like to do that don’t fit nicely in your budget. Setting a budget will also give your less stress later on after the wedding is over; When you don’t have to pay for all things wedding and you can get back to more of a normal budgeting schedule.

One A Night

No, not the amount of wine you can have a night… Create categories like, “Time sensitive”, “Time Intensive”, “Delegated”, and “Can wait”. Categories can help you organize what needs to be done and when.

Protip: If you’re struggling with getting stuff done, make it a point to do one wedding task a night until your list is completed. Taking on your tasks one at a time will not only leave you feeling accomplished, but gets you closer to the finish line.

Make Wedding A Bad Word

Getting married can be a great thing, so while this next tip sounds counterintuitive, it might be necessary.  Make “wedding” a bad word. Don’t say “wedding” for a night or even an entire day… You choose!

Take A Night Off

Taking a night off means, no wedding talk. Go out with bridesmaids and friends to a nice dinner or for drinks. Go shopping or get your hair done. Be sure that when you go out, you don’t talk about wedding stuff at all. If your friends ask you about the wedding, tell them that it is going well and move on. If they continue to push the subject, then be sure to politely let them know that this is your night off of wedding planning.

Date Night

Yes!!! Date night! Have them often. Date nights don’t have to be expensive or over the top, but they do have to consist of you, your fiancé, and no wedding talk. How amazing does that sound?

There Is Life After Wedding Planning

Wedding planning life

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Remember, wedding planning will end. It will end with a wonderful wedding that you will leave happily married. Don’t get so lost in the planning that you forget the end result. Keeping a positive eye on things will keep you positive throughout your wedding planning journey.

Wedding planning will never be 100% stress free, but it can be made bearable, if not downright fun. No matter how long the planning period, you got this and no matter what, you’ll be a beautiful bride. The end result of the entire thing is what matters most. Happy planning!

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