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The Ultimate Guide To Going Out On A Friday Night


It’s finally Friday after 5 pm, which can mean only one thing, the weekend is finally here! For some of us out there, we want nothing more than to put on our pajamas and do absolutely nothing. If you are that girl, we have the ultimate lazy guide that you can find here. But, for many of us, Friday night is the perfect way for us to blow off some steam with a night on the town. So grab your girls, grab your guys, and get ready for us to unpack the perfect guide for your Friday night.

Plan It

” Yeah, I don’t need to plan anything.”

Everyone loves to have a fun and exciting Friday night, but not everyone likes to plan it. Find someone in your friend group who likes to organize things, or take turns in your group planning fun things you can all do together. The best game plan is to start a group message or chat on Tuesday night about who would want to do something and what your Friday night should look like. Listen to everyone’s ideas and take a vote. If you don’t like that week’s activities, feel free to skip out. But don’t just try to wing it on a Friday night, or you and all your friends are going to be too tired from the weekly grind to do anything besides binge watch the latest season of Orange Is The New Black.

Leave Work

Let the weight of all your responsibilities, projects, and lack of sleep fall behind you as you exit your depressing office building. Kick off your heels, unzip that pencil skirt, and let your hair down. The weekend is here, and you don’t have to think about work until Monday morning.

Take A Shower

Even though you might have showered just this morning, you have the stench of work all over you. Your hair might be falling out, your makeup is most likely not very fresh, and taking a shower will help you to feel re-energized for the night ahead.

Take Your Time Getting Ready

Unlike when you wake up in the mornings, you don’t need to rush out the door. The clubs and bars should be waiting for you to arrive. Put on your favorite playlist, jam out while you curl your hair, and spend over ten minutes coordinating your outfit for the evening.

Dress For Success

For tips on the different styles you could work tonight, check out this article. But, make sure that you wear an outfit that makes you feel fabulous and confident. Show the world how you sparkle by what you wear tonight. Make sure you are comfortable, though, heels might seem like a great idea until you get back to your house with blisters over every inch of your feet.

Gather Your Squad

No night out is complete without your girls by your side. For tips on what to do, check out our article here. Try to get ready all together in a big group, or pick a spot that you can all meet up. Great ideas for your squad include going out to eat, going to a bar, clubbing, and shopping.


You can’t properly enjoy your Friday night without any food in your stomach. Head to your favorite restaurant downtown to start off with some appetizers and a cocktail, or get a full-blown meal to prepare for your long night.

Have A Designated Driver/ Uber Plan

Now I am not proposing that you get carried away as you unwind tonight, but, make sure that you have a game plan if you and your friends are planning to drink. Luckily, in the world we live in, someone doesn’t have to sit out on the fun, just make sure that you order an Uber to get everyone home safe and sound. Be careful and make sure that your fun night doesn’t have any permanent effects.

Head To Your Scene

Wherever you and your squad has decided to grace your presence with tonight, get there. This could be your favorite bar, a dance club, or a certain party. Dance the night away with your crew, have a great conversation at the bar, or just enjoy sampling some different wines. You really can’t go wrong with how you spend your night.

Rest And Relax

There is truly nothing better than sleeping in on a Saturday morning after a long week and a fun Friday night. Make sure that you take off your makeup, clothes, and brush your teeth before you head to bed. You will thank yourself in the morning. Snuggle in and relax for as long as you want in your bed. Wake up in the next morning and get ready to take on the rest of your weekend. I hope that Netflix is in your future.

Have any other suggestions for a great Friday night? Feel free to share them below!

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