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The Ultimate Lazy Friday Night Guide

End your week in comfort.

Friday is finally here, and you want nothing more than to collapse into your bed and never leave. Although there are many of fun things to do on a Friday night, reference our articles below, there is nothing better than relaxing after a long hard week. You deserve a night not to answer any emails. You deserve to blow off the gym. You deserve not to have to put up with annoying people.  Don’t let anyone talk you out of this time; you have earned it. So what are some suggestions of ways you can get comfy and cozy tonight? We have the guide for you.

Initial Checklist

1.Ditch Those Work Clothes

No comfortable Friday night is complete unless you’re in your pajamas, plain and simple. I would also accept a nice, old pair of sweatpants as well. Pull out your hair from that high bun and shake out your worries and anxiety from this past week. No makeup or pencil skirts allowed.

2. Make Sure Your Bed Is Prepared

Have you ever wanted to have rose petals scattered across your bed? Your cozy Friday night bed should be better! Make sure that your pillows are fluffed, your blankets are toasty and warm, and that your TV is facing you. Another good touch is to add a boyfriend pillow if you want to be propped up while you read or watch TV. Try wearing socks to bed as well to be extra cozy.

3. Have Amazing Food

Check out our article from last week on snacks for Friday night if you need inspiration, but you can never go wrong with ordering pizza, Chinese, or eating something covered in chocolate. Popcorn is optional but encouraged.

4. Drinks Are Encouraged

And not just alcoholic. It can be really relaxing, especially as the weather turns cooler, to drink your favorite cup of tea or hot chocolate in your bed. But, after the week you’ve had, you could settle in with a glass of wine or your favorite cocktail. Drinking straight from the bottle is not frowned upon either. 

Now For What You Should Do

With so many chill options, you’ll be wondering why you aren’t doing this every day of your weekend!

Watch A Great Movie

Now I want to say romantic comedy or chick flick because we all need to have some great laughs, tears, and hope in a Friday night. But, watch any movie that you have wanted to watch for some time now. This could be an action film, a horror movie( though maybe not alone), and even a documentary. If you are looking for some great romantic comedies, here are my top ten favorites to give you some inspiration.

About Time

The Notebook

A Walk To Remember

When Harry Met Sally

She’s Just Not That Into You

10 Things I Hate About You

My Best Friend’s Wedding

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Bridget Jones Diary

Pride and Prejudice- Keira Knightley version. 

There are hundreds of other romantic comedies out there to choose from, so why not make a list of romantic comedies you want to see and work through one each time you have a free Friday night? This could also be applied to any genre of movie. Why not create a list of all your favorite movies and slowly work your way through them? Nothing cheers you up quite like a movie you love.

Binge Watch A TV Show

Did one of your favorite shows just become available on Netflix? Did you find a new series that you are really excited to start? Why not spend your Friday night falling in love with a new story line, new characters, and a new town? If you don’t want to just stick to one TV show, this is also a perfect time to catch up on one of your favorite recorded TV shows that premiered during the week. If you are currently looking for some great TV shows to watch, here is my top ten list below:

Grey’s Anatomy

One Tree Hill

Criminal Minds

The Office-

Parks And Recs



Sex And City


Gilmore Girls

Read A Book

After spending a whole week looking at nothing but a screen, it could be great to sit back, relax, and just unwind with a great novel. Go to your local library, or ask friends on Facebook for their top suggestions. Getting lost in a good book could be just what your relaxing night needs.

Take A Bath

If you are addicted to bath bombs, now is the time to utilize them. Take a nice cozy bath to detox from your week. Why not try a new facial mask or other skin products while you’re at it.


If you want to go to bed at 9 pm, why not do it? There is nothing more glorious than going to sleep on a Friday night knowing you can sleep in on a Saturday morning. So if you’ve had a tough week, instead of forcing yourself to stay up, why not just take a break and go to sleep. Sometimes the best way to get over a terrible week is to sleep it away.

I hope that whatever you choose to do this relaxing Friday night, it brings you the refreshment you need from your crazy week. Have any perfect lazy Friday night suggestions? Share it with us below!


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