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Unique Aisle Runner Ideas for the Creative Bride

The aisle runner is a wedding ceremony staple. By making your aisle runner unique and fun, not only will your wedding party enjoy it, but your guests will be in awe of your wedding ceremony. There are a couple things to consider when thinking of a way to line the aisle at your wedding, this includes your overall theme, the colors scheme, and how usable you want it to be (if your bridesmaids are good at walking in heels or if they have a tendency to trip on nothing). Here is a variety of aisle runners that are sure to make both you and your guests smile on your wedding day.

DIY Hearts

These adorable hearts are the sweetest way to line your aisle. Not only will it prevent any added danger to your bridesmaids tripping down the aisle, but it is also easy for your guess to not ruin. You can DIY these hearts by cutting hearts out of scrapbook paper and then sticking them on skewers. Then, after you are done creating the skewers, you simply stick them along your aisle to create this fun, fresh look.

Mason Jar Chic

Going for a country chic vibe on your wedding day? This is the perfect solution for your aisle runner dilemma. Adding brightly colored or painted mason jars with some pastel colored flowers, you will create an aura of warmth on your wedding day. This choice of aisle runner is plain and simple to put together and set up. This allows for more time to focus on more important things on your wedding day.

Indie Carpet

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For the indie bride in all of us, this creative twist on the classic aisle runner is sure to make your ceremony stand out from the rest. Your bridal party will not have a problem walking down the aisle on these carpets in their high heels and the set up and clean up will be super fast, just unrolling and rolling up the carpets. Have a bohemian, comfortable touch on your wedding with bringing your guests outside with the comfort of the indoors from these carpets.

Fabulous Flour

flour aisle runner

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Who would have thought that you would use flour on your wedding day besides in the kitchen? This fun alternative to an aisle runner is the least likely to be a tripping hazard among your wedding party. Although it may be a little time consuming to set up, it will be time well spend because of this creative touch you put on your ceremony. All you need for this cool aisle runner is flower and a stencil of your choice, which can be a heart, a letter, or polka dots.

Religiously Radical


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If you are looking to incorporate your Christian faith in your wedding, this aisle runner is perfect for you. By having a verse from the Bible on your aisle runner, your guest will notice how you and your husband are going to incorporate God in all aspects of your wedding, including your ceremony. This aisle runner is extremely cute and will go along with any wedding theme that you are planning to have.

Sentimental Photographs

wedding aisle chairs hanging pictures of the bride and groom at various ages .

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If you are looking to add personal touches throughout your wedding day and to potentially embarrass you and your husband, this is the perfect aisle runner. Placing photographs of you and your husband throughout your life along the aisle, your guests will be entertained by how cute you guys were when you were little. If you want to add an additional embarrassing factor to this, be sure to include those awkward middle school photos that are full of braces, bad fashion choices, and hot pink eye shadow.

Soft Petals

flower petal aisle runner

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This soft, beautiful way to execute an aisle runner is ideal for the girly bride. When choosing the color of the flower petals you can go two different routes, all one solid color or an ombré effect. The flower petals could potentially be a tripping hazard for your bridesmaids because of how slippery they can be, but just make sure that they are careful and really hold onto their groomsmen while they walk down the aisle. No matter what color flower petals you decide on, they will be sure to make your wedding ceremony special and breath-taking.

The secret to having an awe-worthy ceremony is not in the aisle runner, but is instead you and your groom and the love you two share. Although the aisle runner is fun and helps add an unexpected, unique element to your wedding, they guests will be solely focusing on you two and the big step you are about to make. These fun aisle runners listed above will be perfect to accentuate you and your grooms personality and will look awesome in photos.


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