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Wedding Cakes that Break the Cake Mold

Wedding cakes, we probably should have put those two words in parenthesis. For the purposes of this article, the term ‘cake’ will be used to refer to the examples that are any and everything but this traditional dessert. Throw away thoughts of a typical multi-tiered, white-frosted spectacle. Open your mind to these unique wedding cake ideas that are equally as easy to smash into your new spouse’s face.


cupcake wedding cake

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These are just mini cakes! Cupcakes are easy to distribute and do not require someone to cut each individual one. You could even enlist the help of grandmothers, aunts, or siblings to make a bunch of these morsels the night before. They can either whip up a large batch of batter or use box mixes.


donut wedding cake

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Who doesn’t love donuts? No matter the time of day, season, or venue, donuts are always appropriate. The center hole creates endless possibilities for presentation. From stacking the donuts to hanging them on poles to hanging them on strings to putting them on shelves, be as creative as possible.

Donut Holes

donut hole wedding cake

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Yes, yes, donut holes are sort of the same as donuts. But the way you present them is so vastly different that they deserve their own category. These you can put on skewers, in bags, or in a stack.


wedding pies

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Pies are a homie and personal desserts. Even if you buy them from a store or baker, they still contain a comforting, old-timey quality. Also, during cooler months, there’s nothing like a warm pie to warm your guests’ stomachs and souls. You can make mini pies for individual servings, large pies for each table, or a pie bar.

Ice Cream

ice cream wedding

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Guests young and old will enjoy diving into ice cream for an untraditional form of wedding cake. Offer cones and bowls, multiple flavors, and various toppings in order to create the ultimate crowd pleaser. You could even rent an ice cream truck or cart for a vintage and youthful option.

Cookie Bar

cookie bar at wedding

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For another way to bring out your inner child, create a cookie bar instead of the traditional wedding cake. Include both you and your spouse’s favorite kinds as well as the classic flavors. Also provide regular and chocolate milk for a complete and delicious treat.

Candy Bar

candy bar at wedding

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Sometimes, after a tasty and elaborate dinner meal, guests are not yet hungry for dessert. Give them a dessert that they can eat immediately or save for later with a candy bar. Compile favorite hard candies and provide small bags so guests can take it home with them if they desire.


macaroons wedding

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For a more sophisticated but equally as fun option, go for macaroons. Macaroons come in all sizes and colors, allowing you to customize the perfect wedding dessert. The uniform nature and various colors of this delicacy make it aesthetically pleasing no matter how you organize it.


smores wedding

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Don’t make the s’mores ahead of time. Just set out the different ingredients ahead of time in an aesthetically pleasing fashion and provide a source of heat for your guests to roast them. Heat could come from a bonfire or Sternos.

You could choose any of these alternative desserts and organize them in a fashion that looks very similar to a wedding cake. Setting up the desserts this way is not required, but can contribute to the marital vibe and make even normal dishes seem more elegant.

If you must have a traditional wedding cake, for the sake of your mother or to fulfill a childhood dream, go for it. You can still have a small cake to cut with your new spouse and then assemble alternative desserts for the rest of your guests. The very nature of unique wedding cakes requires you to be creative and do what best fits your tastes and desires.

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