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The “Un-Invitable” Wedding Guests That Must Be Invited

When creating your guest list, you’re constantly thinking of people to invite. You have your mom and mother-in-law helping you to come up with a list. The first list you make won’t be the last. But when you do finally come to the final list, you will want to eliminate the people that aren’t necessary, no other way to say it, but it is true. But here is a list of people that you CANNOT remove from the guest list, they must be invited!

Your Estranged Cousin

Remember that cousin that you used to play with back in the day? The one that you always talked about your weddings with? You were gonna be in each others wedding and wear the ugly dresses you picked when you were five. But then life happened and you grew apart.

Why? Invite her because she is the one that you dreamed up pieces of your big day with. Yes, you probably changed a ton of things from your plans when you were five, but more than likely, she will be thrilled to spend the day celebrating you and your dream come true.

The Family That You Constantly Fight With

We all know that family member that has nothing nice to say and can’t keep their mouth closed. They more than likely will have something to say about your big day, because they can’t keep it to themselves.

Why? Invite them because you are trying to be the bigger person. It may not be ethical, but if you think it would help, give them a verbal warning that if they cause any drama on your big day, then they will be asked to leave. You’re being the bigger person inviting them to your big day, let them know that they need to do their part too.

Your Bridesmaids’ New Boy Toy

So, this is the third one this month, but hey… They are in love… Really, they are. Your bridesmaid may be going through a rough spot at the moment, but she has done nothing but support you through your big day. She has done lots to get you where you are!

Why? You’ve given all your other maids the courtesy of having a date, don’t single her out just because you aren’t sure if she will have a “good” guy this time or not.

Your Nieces and Nephews

You nieces and nephews may be too young to know what is going on for your big day or maybe you just said that you didn’t want kids are your wedding, due to not wanting any distractions or outcries.

Why? You don’t want to look back and see that your brother or sister had to step away to check in with the sitter or run up to the hotel room to make sure the kids are alright. This is a courtesy to them, so that they don’t miss anything and they don’t have to worry about their little ones. And when you look back at pictures you will be glad that you nieces and nephews were in them!

Your Soon-T0-Be-Hubby’s Partier Friend

Your man is totally refined and manly, but his not-so-subtle best friend is still in the party scene. Single and not ready to settle any time soon. You’re so afraid that he is going to impregnate the maid on the night of your wedding or throw up in the bushes when everyone is leaving.

Why? He is your soon-to-be hubby’s best friend. This is the guy that he grew up with him and shared all of his memories with. Don’t gyp the groom of having his best friend there. Hey, he may surprise you and be on his best behavior!


As much as it isn’t cool to have those strange, weird, and awkward moments with your friends and family, they are still just that, family. You cannot slight your family just because you don’t get along with them and you can’t leave your friends out because you don’t want to have them “ruin” your big day. Looking back, you will be thankful that you invited these guests that may not have been at the top of the list! Happy planning!

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