Urban Wedding Venues That Are Out-of-the-Box

Image Source:www.chitownevents.com

Are you the type of person who is all about that city life? Urban venues can be some of the most breath-taking places to hold both your wedding ceremony and reception. The mix of the toughness of the background with the softness of the event, this contrast can create a wedding atmosphere that is incredible and unforgettable. Here are some crazy beautiful urban wedding venues that are guaranteed to make your draw drop.

Train Station Charm

Image Source: ashleysbrideguide.com
Image Source: ashleysbrideguide.com

This industrial feeling wedding venue has a charming aspect to it. The exposed brick and  wooden beams contribute the historical past of this building. Perfect for both the wedding ceremony and the reception, this multipurpose urban wedding venue is the ideal choice for the city bride in all of us.


cityscape view
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The views of the tall skyscrapers and  business buildings behind your wedding will leave your guests in awe of the beauty of the city and how it complements your wedding so well. Having a wedding on a rooftop will leave you feeling on top of the world with gorgeous scenery surround you. This breath-taking cityscape venue will be one for the books.

Warehouse Chic

warehouse wedding
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Who would have thought that a warehouse could be such a unique, gorgeous place to get married? By finding a warehouse that is empty and no longer in use, you and your fiancé can create a wedding to remember by dressing it up with some tables, chairs, and decorations to match your urban chic wedding theme.

Factory Flair

urban wedding venue
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With the ample wall space and beams that are perfect for draping things on, this urban wedding venue is the ultimate place to hold your wedding. By getting creative, you can transform an already cool looking space, to a personalized, classic venue that will be the place you will always associate with your big wedding day.

Park Place

urban park wedding venue
Image Source:www.herecomestheguide.com

Want a secluded feeling in the middle of a city on your wedding day? Then having your wedding at a park may be the place for you. Although pricey,this urban venue option gives you the best of both worlds, the secludedness of the country with the glamour of the city. Have natural and industrial beauty surround you on your wedding day with this chic venue.

Firehouse Allure

firehouse wedding venue
Image Source: herecomestheguide.com

Express the heat shared between you and your fiancé with this hot urban wedding venue. With cool features, like tile and big firehouse doors, this urban venue if different and the most versatile. You could serve food out of the kitchen and have the firehouse double as a ceremony and reception area. Snag this hot new venue idea before it is booked!

Skyscraper Heights

skyscraper wedding
Image Source:fancywedding.net

You will be feeling on cloud 9 on your wedding day, and having a wedding in a skyscraper you will actually be on cloud 9.  The mixture of the breath-taking view and great company will make your wedding stand out from the rest. By taking your guests up the elevator and through the opening doors that lead to a chic and daring ceremony or reception venue, they will face their fear of heights and have your wedding imprinted forever in their mind.

This list of cool urban wedding venues are just the ones that you and your fiancé are looking for. The best part of all of the venues are that you can find them in almost any city near you if you look hard enough. When picking an urban venue,keep in mind parking and handicap access for your guests, but besides this, let your creativity burst in displaying your journey as a couple on the venue.


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