Video Baby Monitor Conico 1080P Wireless Wi-Fi Surveillance Camera Product Review

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The Video Baby Monitor, Conico 1080P Wireless WiFi Surveillance Camera is equipped with a high quality optical 1080p lens on a Conico 1080p baby monitor with a 350 degree horizontal pan and 100 degree vertical tilt rotation range. This creates complete coverage with up to 30 feet of night vision.  This baby monitor is wireless and has a strong IR Led. Even in a very dark room you can have an HD view on your phone.  

Real time activity alerts you on your iPhone or Android.  You can track moving objects with this WiFi baby monitor as they happen in real time.  Advanced two-way audio with high quality integrated microphone and crystal audio output speaker on this two-way camera helps you to communicate with your child.  Even if you are as far away as in a far off country, you can still watch the best live video with this 2.4G wifi/3G/4G network.

Financial level security control ensures the user's privacy.  Your phone number and other personal information will not be collected.  You have total control of this surveillance camera.  You can setup admin and guest passwords for your account and your wireless camera to limit visitors.

There are no monthly fees for using the Vsmahome app or for using the IP camera.  This baby monitor supports video recording and playback by using a 64G micro card (not included).  When the adapter is plugged in, it will automatically play once you set it up.  Quick 2.4 G WiFi setup via IOS and Android device by free app.

This camera is easy to operate.  You can even add multi-cameras into your account that will allow multi-users to visit your baby's security camera.  This monitor can be used not only for your baby, but also for pets, elders, and home surveillance.

Best Features of The Product 

  • Price
  • Features
  • Easy To Set Up 
Video Baby Monitor, Conico 1080P Wireless WiFi Surveillance Camera Nanny Cam with Two Way Audio Night Vision Motion Detect Remote Viewing Pan Tilt Zoom for iPhone and Android
  • Fanatic View: Equip with a high quality optical 1080p lens on this Conico 1080p baby monitor with 350° horizontal Pan and 100° vertical Tilt rotation range creating a complete coverage; up to 30 feet Night Vision on this wireless baby camera by a strong IR Led, even in a dark night ,you can have a HD view on your phone.
  • Typical Use: Real-time activity alerts to your iPhone/android, video recording for tracking moving objects of this wifi baby monitor make you know what happens in time. Advanced two-way audio with high quality integrated microphone and crystal audio output speaker on this two way camera make you communicate with your kids fluently. Even you're in other country, you can watch the best live video with 2.4G wifi/3G/4G network.
  • Security Level: Financial level security control, ensure users' privacy. We won't collect user's information to access the wifi camera, such as phone number. You have absolutely control to this surveillance camera, and you can setup admin and guest password for your account and your wireless camera to limit visitors.

​​​Most Talked About Features

As of this writing there were 109 customer reviews and 89 answered questions on Amazon.   I've read the reviews and condensed the results into this report.  I hope that this makes it easier for you when shopping for a baby monitor.


baby monitor, top-10-baby-monitors/

I wasn't seeing any negative comments on durability for the Video Baby Monitor, Conico 1080P Wireless WiFi Surveillance Camera.  Most customers liked how it set up and worked.  

Ease of Set Up

baby monitor, top-10-baby-monitors/

The customer reviews reflect that this is a very easy monitor to set up.  This is just one of many similar comments, 

"The installation is very easy, just download the VSmaHome app, and follow the instructions. It is very easy to connect to Wi-Fi."

Here is another comment on set up,

"The camera was so easy to set up so we ordered another one for our bedroom so we can follow him throughout the apartment. We loved it so much we bought my mother one and highly recommend it to everyone who is in need of a doggy or baby cam!"


baby monitor, top-10-baby-monitors/

People liked the features of this monitor.  Here is a comment that represents the thoughts of many others on the features of this baby monitor,

"The material is great. The picture quality is also super! I followed the instructions, and it is super easy to pair with my phone. I've had some other monitors before. But I like this one better. I can remote control the angle of camera, and I can also zoom in. The picture has great clarity and quality. I especially like the feature that sends you alarm notification when there is a move. Also, we can schedule the camera to start recording and stop recording for a predetermined time period. If I have to name one thing to change, I wish the design team could control the temperature of this monitor more. Overall, great product, and I recommend it."


baby monitor, top-10-baby-monitors/

Customers didn't really comment on how reliable this monitor was, but overall they were very happy with how it worked.  I was not finding comments that it lost its signal a lot like some other baby monitors can.


baby monitor, top-10-baby-monitors/

The size of this monitor is 3.19 x 4.53 x 3.35 inches.  The weight is 1 pound.  The size mostly seemed like a non-issue.  But I found one comment about size that I'll quote here,

"I love this monitor, great reception, no interference or static, the screen is a great size, the picture is great both at night and during the day, love the fact that it has night vision. I highly recommend it, its a great investment."


baby monitor, top-10-baby-monitors/

Parents liked that they could see and hear their baby at all times.  It made the parents feel like their baby was safer knowing they could watch him or her.


The price of the Video Baby Monitor, Conico 1080P Wireless WiFi Surveillance Camera is about average to low priced. The customer comments were positive about the price.  After learning as much as I could about this monitor and considering the price and features, I'm thinking of purchasing this one for my barn.  Here is one representation of the positive comments on price, 

"Amazing. For the price you really can't beat it. Pans and scans, records, and without the SD card will still snapshot movement. Has great vision at night and during the day. "

​​​My Conclusion 

If you are looking for a video surveillance camera or a baby monitor for your little one, this may be a very good choice.  The price is low and most of the customers who bought this monitor were very happy with it.  People liked that the picture quality was so good and that they could zoom in with it. I hope that my review helps you as you look to purchase the best baby monitor for your family in the future. 

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