Vintage Is The New Up and Coming: So How Will You Vintage?

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You’ve said “yes” to the proposal and now you’ve got to plan the wedding. You and your fiance dream of having elegant tones along with modern antique looks for your big day… A vintage theme is perfect for you! This isn’t to be confused with antique, yes vintage means “old” So how do you plan your big day to get your dream wedding without breaking the bank?

What Is A Vintage Themed Wedding?

Vintage doesn’t necessarily mean “old”, but with this theme you can make it whatever you like it. When thinking of vintage we think of things with high quality, select or prime; The best of it’s time. Vintage is a classic theme that allows you to express your style in a way that only could be described as timeless and maybe old fashioned. Do you and your fiance fit the profile to have a vintage themed wedding?


Think of a time period that you would like to portray. Do you really like the fifties? The twenties? Or maybe you love the thirties! Either way, pick a time period and stick with it. Don’t have a dress that you would see in the twenties if you’re going for the fifties! Plan your invitations, decor, and attire around your time period.

Mock Wedding!

Lets say we plan for a vintage wedding with a specific time period of the 1950’s. So how do we achieve this 1950’s vintage wedding?


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Your invitation are the first thing that your guests will see. You want to be sure that you have given them a grand introductions to your big day the proper way. Be sure that your invitation screams who you are and what you wan to show. A vintage theme just means grandeur and elegance. That shouldn’t be too hard to achieve.


Use items you may not see as decor else where. So think outside the box! Any theme can have it’s own decor you just have to think about what you want to portray in your theme. In this case, it is a 50’s themed wedding that we want to show.

Table numbers should be bold and clear. You want to look at your tables and be able to tell exactly where they are and whom is sitting where. Be sure to use something that no only represents your vintage theme, but also embodies it!

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Trinkets that show off personality are the best. Just because we have chosen the fifties as our time period doesn’t mean that we have to use items from the 1950’s. It just means we are using items that embody that time period.

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The dress should be everything you want and more. Don’t settle because it’s the one that fits your theme the best.. There is a perfect dress out there for you, you just have to find it. When thinking of your theme, think of the time period that you have chosen. The 1950’s were full of tea length dresses and massively, gigantic dresses with cathedral trains.

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The girls should wear something that wows not only them but your guests as well. Let them compliment the wedding dress in the best way possible.

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The groom and his men should be clad in a two piece suit. The look of elegance is what you are going for but you don’t want to over-do it. Keep it simple!

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Favors are a way to reflect on you both as a person after your big day. Give your guests something that they will enjoy, love, and remember you every time they see it or use it!

Come On Baby Light My fire!

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Don’t Forget To Water Your Plants!

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Who Doesn’t Love Food?

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The Get Away Car!

Don’t forget to decorate the car for when the happy couple leaves the reception. Decorate it in a way that they will never forget. They’ll be the talk of the town with a perfectly decorated car.

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So how will you make your wedding vintage? Make a plan of action and execute it with confidence. Share your ideas in the comments below! Happy planning!!


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